In the world of website content writing, creating a blog to express ideas and opinions is the recent internet trend. There are many uses behind creating a blog. Again, sometimes a blog isn’t that necessary when you think from a business point of view.

There are many small and big business firms spread across the world. Majority of them have their own websites and blogs. However, some firms create a blog even without knowing the use and whether it would be beneficial for them. Most of these firms do not require a blog to promote their business. Hence the blog ends up ignored and is lost in the mad wide world of website content writing.

In case you are pondering over creating business blogs to endorse your business, it is time to question yourself before you begin article writing for your blog.

• Is a blog really necessary for your company? : Content writing for a business blog requires huge commitment and interest. You must keep updating your blog every day. You must ask yourself whether blogs will fulfill your business goals or whether other means like SEO or article writing for major article directories or press releases would be a viable option.

• Whom do you consider as your potential reader? : In article writing, to create your audience group, it is very important to know what means they resort to when they want some information or buy a product or service. If you live in an area where people prefer offline methods like newspapers and posters, then content writing for a new blog is of no use. Your audience must belong to one of the groups mentioned below for you to have any profit from blog writing and posting. They are:

1. Frequent Internet user: Think whether the group that you target actually uses the internet a lot. If no is the answer, then don’t indulge in blog writing and posting.

2. Readers of Blogs: Your marked audience group must comprise of avid blog readers. if that is not the case, then article writing for an e-newsletter is a better choice.

3. Search Engine enthusiasts: A good SEO rank will automatically elevate blogs to the top. If you find the audience you are targeting actually use many search engines for gathering information, then blog writing and posting is helpful.

4. Members of Social Media websites: Social media platforms provide a brilliant way to advertise your business. Regular blog writing and posting them to these platforms will get you a bigger clientele.

These are the first set of questions and points that you must discuss and ask yourself. The reason why these questions are being out forward is just to make your life easy. The requirement for a blog depends on various factors. Therefore, you must be aware of all of them and then decide whether you wish to go ahead with blog writing and posting. We will discuss a bit more in the second part of the article.

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