The entrance is the heart of any place, that is why people invest extra efforts in glamourizing their living rooms and reception counters. When a person enters a house or an office his/her eyes always go on the emphasis part of the place if any for eg. a big wall painting or a pretty vase or some bright pop colour that immediately catches your attention. While home entrances can be easily festooned, one needs to make extra efforts to make their office entrance look amazing as the areas on which you can work on are really less, so generally people work on reception counters which is the most essential and the most visited area of any hotel, office or place.

We have listed below some factors for you to remember while choosing reception desk countertops, which will not only leave a lasting impression but will make people want to visit your place time and again.

  • Functionality

Your reception counter isn’t all about looks – it’s doing an important job for both your employees and visitors to your company. As guests will likely be spending a short amount of time in your lobby area, make sure there is clear signage and seating available so they’re able to get comfortable. For larger organisations, ensure that the reception counter is big enough for more than one guest at a time, and that there is space either side for colleagues to properly deal with your visitors’ requests. Will your visitors need to complete some paperwork before entering the building? There’ll need to be space for that too. If you’re choosing a bespoke reception counter, think about branding – can you include a logo or some creative to enhance the look of the space.

  • Customers Matter the most

When designing a new reception desk you have to consider all aspects you need to accommodate for. The requirements for an office building may vary from the requirements of a Medical Surgery, accessibility and privacy may be key factors for a reception desk in a medical surgery. If it is a busy area you may need to consider surface space needed for perhaps filling out paperwork or a separate payment area. In order for all aspects to be covered we would recommend creating a spreadsheet with all eventualities for your reception area. Try to cater for most if not all of these requirements so you can ensure each customer / client will have an enjoyable experience when visiting your company.

  • Space and budget

Space and budget are two fundamental criteria when choosing the office furniture that best suits the needs of the company. From this point of view, many companies choose to choose modular furniture, furniture for reception with a very interesting price that adapts like a glove to all kinds of spatial requirements.

The colour blue has a calming effect to the mind. Blue is known to lower the heart rate and reduce appetite. Blue also represents dependability. It is important for your client to feel welcome when entering your business. A soft muted orange such as peach would create a positive and welcoming feeling while soft yellow would be cheerful and happy. If a lot of decisions are made in your reception area a soft blue-green would be a good colour to use here.

Different businesses will want to create different atmospheres, for example, if your business is a beauty salon, pink or a soft coral colour in the reception area will give the impression that your client will be pampered and indulged. If you are redesigning a reception area for a dentist or doctor, it is best to choose calming and reassuring colours such as green or blue, with a touch of pink for compassion.

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