The article discusses the points that should be well thought-out before upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP. Intended for informational purpose, the article does a favor to people who are planning an upgrade to Win 7. It also lays the base for those who are still considering Win 7 as an option. The article will help save the time and money that would otherwise be spent online, offline looking for information material or Microsoft support for help.

Microsoft finally got over the stigma slapped by Windows Vista due to software slagheap and slow performance among other flaws. Windows 7 has been the rocking the operating system (OS) market since its release. The high-performance OS comes integrated with a set of extensive features and utilities that let people customize settings and use their computer with more freedom, speed, and advancements.

You can quickly search throughout Windows 7 for your favorite files, folders etc. using the smart Start Search menu; have a better, neater, nicer get around with improved Desktop; have enhanced wireless connectivity; share files, printers etc. using home networking; have touch experience with Windows Touch; or personalize your Desktop with Personalization Gallery among other endless utilities.

Good to hear all that. However, wait and think ‘do you really need an upgrade?’ What purpose will Win7 serve after upgrade? The answer is that Win 7 comes in three different versions that can be chosen as per the individual needs.

These are Win 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Nowadays Microsoft has also started offering upgrade options for Home Premium and Ultimate versions. The first version is designed for home users, second for businesses, while the third one is for advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting features.

Besides, if not this time, it will be anytime when Microsoft will stop rolling out latest updates, driver etc. and offering support for existing Win XP machines. It has already stopped providing support for earlier OS versions like Windows NT, 2000 etc. and other previous-but-now-alien applications that do not belong to the modem time.

Though you can always rely on online technical support options for technical problems, there will be no updates, patches, or drivers from Microsoft for your old machine to work on. Don’t be scared. We do not intend to scare your thoughts about using Win XP forever. However, it is just to make you aware about must keeping pace with new technology and advancements.

Now that you have decided to upgrade, take note of some technical aspects before doings so. Purchase the desired version offline or online. If you purchased the product online, you will receive the product key and other documentation, detail etc. in your mail. Check your mail for further assistance. Take a printout of all the information to avoid facing any problem during upgrade.

Now you must first backup your entire data to an external media like CD or flash drive etc. or on an online server. Ensure that your computer fulfils the minimum system requirements for Win 7 upgrade. These can be checked on Microsoft’s official website.

You can download and install Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on your computer. Run the tool and it will tell you about the programs that will work and will not work after the installation. If you haven’t backed up your data despite being recommended to, you can do it now with Windows Easy Transfer tool.

Download and save the file to Desktop. Open it and then run the installation wizard. Follow the on screen instructions and complete installation. When done, open the tool and backup all your data including mails, files\folders, settings, images, documents etc. to an external media.

When done, connect to the internet, open your mail, and click on the Win7 download \installation link and follow the instructions. You must enter the product key of the version you purchased when prompted. If you have got an installation disk, insert it inside the drive of your computer and make the boot selection viz. CD-ROM or Flash Drive etc. Since Windows XP can’t be upgraded to Win 7 directly, you might have to perform clean install.

Additional Tips:
All the tools will be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. However, you can use any third-party tool also to backup and restore your data instead of Windows Easy Transfer.

If the abovementioned procedure seems to be beyond your expertise, contact Microsoft support.

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