With long weekend following the Black Friday, you can certainly get some great money saving deals for Christmas and if you are carrying those gifts during your travels, then you need to be a little careful as you bring them back home. If the items get damaged then this would not only be heart breaking, but also money crunching.

To avoid such mishaps, you should first check whether your travel insurance policy offers any solution. The policy may have some limitations, especially when it’s about presents and gifts. Most of the time, insurers consider presents as a part of your personal baggage cover but may restrict the amount which can be claimed per item. Normally, it is around £250 and if you are carrying some valuables then a total amount of £250 is prearranged if you make a claim for its loss or damage.

To consider your claim as valid, the insurers need proof of ownership of the items and receipts showing that it was a genuine purchase. In some cases the insurers may even ask you to send the damaged items to them however it is important to note that insurers tend to offer no cover to fragile and easily breakable items, household items and alcohol.

Valuables carried in baggage other than the hand luggage may also not be covered and so, it becomes important that you read the small print of your policy before starting your trip. Some of them do not cover smart phones and have a long list of items which would not be covered in the policy. So, those who are carrying expensive items should know whether the policy covers those items or not.
Things like jewellery, camera, watches, mp3 players and other gadgets are considered part of the valuables and possessions cover.

Insurers always have a limit for the amount one can claim for each item and you must know that in advance. Moreover, your claim would be rejected if the insurer proves that reasonable care was not taken by you for keeping the stuff safe and secure – such as if you have left the item unattended then the claim for its loss would not be approved.

On your end, it is mandatory to report to the police about the theft of items or loss of goods within 48 hours. You also need a copy of the written police report with you else the claim will not be approved by the insurance provider. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when travelling with gifts and valuables.

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