An age characterized by a mania called model-mania has obliged every boy and girl alike to have a face as beautiful as a celeb. All the said manias have found their very existence in facial beauty alone.

Traditionally, it is believed that adolescence among the youth brings along common skin issues such as acne, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, under-eye dark circles. But that belief has proved to be wrong as the adolescent related facial issues can be treated very well if dealt with earnestly. If the issue is not taken seriously/treated properly, the acne, scars or under eye dark circles may become an identity for the person wearing on the face which, of course, one of the worst possible outcomes of such negligence. DermalMD has come up with the solution to all such commonly found issues with scientifically proven medical treatments.

Let's discuss generally found skin-related issues along with their treatments.

Acne issue:

DermalMD's Acne Serum, which is an advanced medical treatment is fully capable to offer a solution to the people suffering from the issue. It's an excellent anti-acne treatment with the following benefits.

  • It can enhance collagen and improve skin tone along with healing the scar.
  • It supports the repairment of damaged skin cells through antioxidants present in the treatment.
  • It can reduce the number of hazardous bacteria in the skin and the affected follicles. The said bacteria are the root cause of blemishes/pimples.
  • It can lessen/control the production level of oil/sebum which is responsible for breakouts.
  • It can Moisturize skin with no oiliness/breakouts.
  • Facial Scar:

    DermalMD Scar Serum can address the issue with scientifically proved treatment. Working gently on the cellular level of the face, it can remove or fade or control scars on face no matter what kind of scars are. It offers the following benefits if applied properly as prescribed:

    1. It can enhance collagen production level that helps in healing scar tissues
    2. It can booster elastin capacity in the facial cells which leads to youthfulness and a healthy skin
    3. It can replace dead/damaged scar tissue with healthy and youthful skin cells.
    4. It can increase antioxidants in the skin which can prevent hazardous external elements such as scorching sun etc.

    Under Eye Circles:

    Under-eye circles, thanks to medical science progress, is no longer an issue. There are the number of under eye circle treatments that can turn the dark skin under the eye into a normal one and DermalMD Under Eye treatment is one of such treatments. It has all the qualities of a good treatment such as:

    1 - It can strengthen and improve the under-eye skin to lessen the bags
    2 - It is conducive to restore healthy blood flow to allow passage of blood that otherwise, may chock puffiness
    3 - It can reduce redness/swollenness caused by blood carrying vessels
    4 - It can help the reproduction of sufficient collagen, so conducive to produce healthy and colored skin without bags or lines

    “Health is wealth” is a time tested quotation. So, before heading for any such treatments, it is highly suggested to consult a dermatologist.

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