Love does not lie.
We often give the honor of love to relationships,
People, events, and things we treat as love.
But we are often young – too wet behind the ears
To acknowledge the doubt that enters our minds.

We know what a lie is.
Yet we choose not to listen to the love inside of ourselves,
And impulsively shower the undeserving and ill-prepared
With the glorious nature of love that defines who we are,
Opening up our hearts and minds to deception and loss.

Desire becomes our downfall.
Our inborn need to experience love fully
Makes us strive beyond our understanding,
Causing us to seek where we shall not find,
Because the truth will always be revealed by love.

In love there is always hope.
While we acquire some bumps and bruises along the way,
We gain a valuable opportunity to learn and grow.
Only then will love identify that which is authentic,
And expose the duplicity in all that we see.

We long to exist where love resides.
The only way to get there is to understand love;
We must endlessly seek love in all things.
Only in this manner will love become tangible and real to us.
Then we will be free in the knowledge of the truth.

Author's Bio: 

Learn to Shine Your Light is led by Eve Rojas, MSSW, who shares her personal experiences and know-how to provide an enlightening perspective on how to approach life successfully.

Eve went through a deeply disturbing period in her life that caused a major depression. Strengthened by her experience, she believes completely that we each have power within us that exists beyond life’s trauma and stress. Eve shares the knowledge and skills she continues to develop each day to provide tools to help you learn to shine your light and claim your inner strength so you can better manage life’s ups and downs.

Eve relies on discernment and faith to follow the path in front of her and touch the souls of others. She possesses a Master of Science in Social Work with expertise in Social Enterprise Management from Columbia University. Eve also graduated with honors from Yale University.