OK so, you want to sell your timeshare? Are you one of those consumers who feel like you have been lied to and mislead into buying your timeshare? You never get to utilize your timeshare do you? Research Analysis show that 75% of consumers who own timeshares want to sell their timeshare, feel mislead into buying it and never utilize their property! Because of the astonishing number of consumers attempting to sell their timeshares, it's highly improbable to be able to get rid of them. Good news however, for most of these Americans there is another option!

The option is called timeshare elimination. Timeshare elimination is the process of deeding the timeshare back to the developer due to discrepancies in the sales process and contract associated with it. In most cases, people will be given a refund of some or all of the money lost as a result of their timeshare as well!

Now that I've got your attention, let me go a bit deeper into the subject. Many Americans fear timeshare cancellation because it is a very new concept. However, there really is nothing to fear. Timeshare elimination has offered a great deal of people a great deal of relief. The first thing that people are concerned with is their credit score. Let's face it, no one likes to hurt their credit score. Good news, timeshare elimination actually protects and helps to build your credit score!

How is that you ask? Well a major factor in your credit is your debt to income ratio. When a consumer relieves themselves of a timeshare mortgage, it will drastically bring down the debt to income ratio. This in turn will help the consumer to increase their credit score! Now you're really interested I'm sure. So how do you know if you qualify for the service?

This is a very valid concern because not everyone will qualify. However, there are most consumers who feel like they were mislead, lied to, victimized or coerced into purchasing their timeshare. If you are one of these consumers, chances are you will qualify. Here is a list of a few things that you may have experienced that may help you qualify:

Long Tours – If your timeshare tour lasted longer than 90 minutes, you may qualify for timeshare elimination.

Forceful And Aggressive Sales Tactics – If you feel like your closing was rushed or you were given a false sense of urgency when being told about purchasing the timeshare, chances are you qualify for timeshare elimination.

Lies – If you were lied to with statements like “this will be a great investment” or “you can rent or resell points to offset cost in time of hardship” or any other lie, you may qualify for timeshare cancellation.

This article is brought to you by American Resort Resolutions – Timeshare Cancellation Leaders! Stop looking up “how to sell a timeshare” and stop saying “please sell my timeshare”, this is just not probable in this market. Timeshare cancellation may however offer you the relief you and your family deserve!

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