Flowers in Chania

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AS music streaming platform Apple Music appeared on the stage in 2014, and instantly became hit. Fast, convenient, with lots of songs. With introduction of the Android app, the rating simply passed all predictions, reaching impossible numbers of paid subscribers. More and more new performers and musicians immigrated to Apple music for inspiration, career growth, and constant support. Platform makes creating of music not just hobby, but successful profession, providing help and mentorship to all new artists.

I can drew a comparison of Apple Music and galaxy. This galaxy is huge, very different in every place, with its own rules and laws. But one law is similar to real astrophysics. Large objects attract smaller objects, which in my analogy means musician attracting followers. And everyone familiar with basic information about formation of star knows that star needs to increase its mass until it becomes critical. Then it blows up and becomes red giant – biggest star possible. Same rule works in Apple Music galaxy, where musician must gain certain number of plays on his songs, to attract followers and become star.

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