Online betting on sports is governed by different rules that define the type of bet that can be placed and the conditions for when a player is declared a winner. It is important that there is a backbone of rules, because bettors and betting sites are often located far apart, in different countries. The rules make both parties' responsibilities clear.

The general rules are the same for all online betting sites that cover sports betting. A change in the date and venue of a sporting event can cancel all bets placed on that event. The same applies if the game is delayed for more than twelve hours. Usually bets are expected to be placed and accepted before an event starts. Only one account per Person is allowed, usually players are tempted to try to open more accounts to bet more than the maximum amount of bet allowed. In the event that money is credited to a bettor's account in error, it is the player's responsibility to notify the betting site as soon as possible. If he does not, he risks losing money on bets that are won afterwards.

According to the rules of online gambling, the sports website is in no way responsible for bets placed on games that are suspended, a change in score, the results change. Complaints and protests in this regard are not entertained. There is always a mechanism to ensure the validity of a bet placed by a customer; for example, it may be in the form of a token number that flashes on the customer's screen after high wagering is accepted. First bets cannot be revoked by either the player or the betting site. The odds website does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information it publishes, and it authorizes itself to correct any discrepancies in said prices and odds, if any. The results of the bets are made known anywhere between thirty minutes to sixty minutes after the game is over.

As a bettor, you need to be aware of the different types of bets that exist as defined in the rules. Over a period of time you will find your groove with one or more types of bets. Below are definitions of the most common type of bets accepted by online sports betting sites.

Straight bet - A straight bet is the most straightforward kind of bet where you pick a winner based on your understanding of the odds.

Point Spread - A term that specifies the distribution of points so that the two teams receive more points and you can bet on both the stronger team and the underdog. The only catch is that the winner must win more than Point Spread.

Total - This bet covers the total number of points scored in a game, the duration of the game also includes overtime.

Parlay - A parlay allows you to select more than one bet to bet on, and your winnings from one bet are automatically placed on a subsequent bet of your choice. In order for you to take your winnings home from a parlay, you must win all the bets you place. If you are lucky, you can take a reasonable amount home with a parlay.

Future - In this case, you are allowed to place odds on an event before the season begins. Usually, the odds get short as the game date gets closer, but if you win, you get paid with the original odds that you bet on

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Future - In this case, you are allowed to place odds on an event before the season begins.