Beauty is the most discussed topic that has never lacked popularity since the ancient era. Starting from Helen of troy to Berenice of Cilicia…the world history has witnessed the craze for bewitching face overages.  So, if you are someone who is also in the urge of looking aesthetically more appealing, it’s never a surprising fact!

The best part is, you don't need to stick to the ancient methods from granny's handbook to gain flawless beauty. Thanks to the advancement of medical science, you can now consult plastic surgeons in Chevy Chase, Maryland or any other corner of the globe.

They will help you in getting a marked improvement in terms of looking better in every means. Let’s delve deeper into this post to know more about plastic surgery…the journey towards gorgeousness.

What is Plastic Surgery?

The word plastic surgery has derived from the Greek word ‘plastike’, which means the art of modelling the malleable flesh. Plastic surgery is the surgical procedure that helps in restoring, reconstructing or alteration of the human body parts, including the face. There are two primary categories of plastic surgery…cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

The cosmetic surgery includes scar removal, skin whitening and brightening, blemishes removal and burns treatment. In contrast, the reconstructive surgery includes body and face-contouring procedures like breast augmentation, facelifting surgeries, rhinoplasty, butt lift surgeries and more.

The History of Plastic Surgery

It’s a common belief of many that plastic surgery is a new concept, and it's still in its thriving period. However, practicality is something different. If we look back at the past, we can find out that the first-ever mention of the word ‘plastic surgery’ was found in the ancient Egyptian book of the ‘Old Kin’ period, i.e. 3000-2000 BC. The name of the transcription is Edwin Smith Papyrus.

If we talk about the reconstructive surgeries, it’s also carrying a history of more than 5000 years. The first-ever reconstructive surgery was performed in the 800B.C, when Sushruta, an Indian physician, conducted an eye reconstruction surgery.

Around the 1st century B.C, this practice became widespread among Romans. With the ever-changing time, the method evolved, and in 1793, the first lip operation was performed that used a flap that was taken out from the patient’s neck. The conductor of this surgery was Francois Chopart, a French surgeon. John Roe performed the first plastic surgery in America in 1891.

From the shared data, it’s clearly understandable that plastic surgery is never a new practice, in actuality; it has been evolved and gained tremendous popularity in today's world.

What to Expect After Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

Well, if you’ve prepared yourself for availing plastic surgical treatments, you must know what’s going to be the outcome of the same.

First and foremost, there’s a terrible need for managing your expectation. If you are expecting that after undergoing plastic surgery, overnight, you will become the carbon copy of your favourite silver screen star, then it's a misconception.

But yes, you will notice commendable improvements, and definitely, you'll start to love yourself like never before!!

Next, after availing the surgery, to keep up looking pretty, you need to put a little effort into maintaining yourself.

Additionally, plastic surgery may look like a hefty investment; however, always consider reaching experienced and certified plastic surgeons in Chevy Chase, Maryland or any corner of the globe. If you try to save some bucks by reaching an unqualified professional, you will end up with a typically unfortunate result. Not only that, in some cases, it can cause fatal surgical complications.

Hope this post helps! To get the look that you've ever dreamed of, schedule an appointment with the best board-certified plastic surgeon today and experience the bliss of beauty!!

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