Plastic card embossing has very important applications commercially in today’s time throughout the world. Embossing is the only and the best way to apply machine- readable characters to a plastic card for a long span of time without getting it disrupted. The characters which are to be embossed are “stamped” into the back side of the card which can be seen on the front side of the card as heightened characters. The perfect example of this is your credit card where the number of your credit card and your name are usually embossed on the card using this particular process. The application of plastic embossing has got a new dimension with the implementation of effective methods such as machine readable magnetic strips or barcodes. Plastic Card Embossing is the best way of personalizing a plastic card. No alternate option is available for the implementation of the same process. The magnetic strip cards contain a kind of strip made up of a strip of magnetic particles that are applied on the card using a certain amount of immense energy. The magnetic strip cards are usually used when data is to be read with physical contact. Magnetic strip cards have two broad varieties. One is HiCo (High Connectivity) and LoCo (Low Connectivity) strips. These two magnetic strips are optically different. Signature panels are also applied to the plastic card body. This enables the user to write on the signature panel with a pen. Various types of signature panels are available like transparent signature panel, signature panel of different colors. Holograms are also applied on the plastic cards with the help of plastic card embossing. The purpose of the embossing a hologram is to protect against replication or forgery. Rewritable plastic cards are also available in the market. They are made up of PVC or PET. These plastic cards can be used to rewrite at least 500 times with the help of clearjet printers. TRW foils can be applied only on a particular part of a card.

Just like plastic embossing, metal embossing is also very useful way of giving an artistic dimension to various metals. Very attractive forms of art can be created by merging the pieces of decorative painting and the metal embossing techniques. They are coupled together which enriches the projects with volume, movement and texture which makes it one of a kind and becomes a valuable piece of art which decorates your drawing room. One of the most distinctive forms of art in this category is ‘Icon’ making. The icons are a signature of religious figures or sacred images which are considered to be holy according to various religious beliefs. Sometimes paintings are laminated with various metals which are engraved or embossed to give a very rich look.

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