Also going by the name desert rose, adenium is found mostly in the desert regions of Africa, highly sought after as an ornamental plant to be grown indoors in the Western parts of the world. The plant may be grown using adenium seeds, kept in a warm location to bloom into flower-bearing shrub that looks similar to bonsai trees. Adenium is used to semi-arid and arid conditions that's why it must be grown indoors as ornamental plants whenever they are grown outside of their native location.

Planting adenium

Once you have your adenium seeds, they are moderately easy to grow so don't worry. Just make sure that you have all the materials you'll be needing to plant, like around three pounds standard top soil, a pound and a half sandy loam, a gallon flower pot with drain holes, and water. Here's what you have to do:

· Find a flat surface and mix together the top soil and the loam soil. Knead the top soil as you cut in the loam soil until all of the loam has been added in. Add just enough water to clump together this mixture.

· When your soil mixture is ready, place the soil into the flower pot. Make sure that the mixture is firmly in place but not compacted too hard so that you are still able to push in a finger through the soil.

· Take your adenium seeds and place them on the flower pot, spacing them at least an inch apart on the soil. Cover the seeds with soil and make sure the soil is tamped to prevent erosion when watering.

· Water the seeds with about two pints of water, pouring gently. Place the flower pot in a warm, sunny location, watering the seeds about twice a week, two pints of water as well each time. Wait for 30 days for germination.

· Once germination is achieved, with the adenium's first set of leaves showing, pull out all the plants but leave the biggest one. Make sure you only keep one plant in every pot. When the plant grows to at least three feet in height, transplant it to a bigger five-gallon flower pot to give it room to grow.

adenium seeds

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