"Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)". And these warts look ugly. Really ugly! So, is there any effective-solution out there? There is. And it is the Plantar Warts Surgery which can relieve the person from these unwanted warts.
Plantar wart -- The warts on the feet are called plantar warts. Although they are not at all dangerous, it is good to remove them.

Pros and Cons of surgery -- There are several home-remedies as well. However, it is the Plantar Warts Surgery that can help you get rid of these warts at the earliest. And a reliable foot-clinic in your area (nearby locations) is what you should opt for. With years of experience and expertise, a podiatrist or foot-expert knows the best when it comes to removing warts in the most effective manner possible. However, before you move out and opt for the surgery, there are certain pros and cons of this surgery, which you must know.

* You have a couple of options to choose from, if you opt for surgery * Under Electrosurgery and curretage, the experts apply an electrical current to the wart and then cut it off using a knife * Next comes the option of Laser surgery, where the experts use a laser to burn-off warts * Do remember that these warts might make an appearance on your skin even after the surgery * In some cases, you might have a scar from the surgery

Besides performing Plantar Warts Surgery, these professional foot-experts also help you with many other foot problems, including ankle pain, knee pain, heel pain, back pain, sports injuries and a lot more. So, if warts or any other foot problem is causing troubles in your life, this is the time to head for a podiatry clinic in your area. Simple! Isn't it?

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The Brunswick Foot Clinic is a privately owned podiatry clinic and offers a broad range of preventive and restorative podiatric services. Here the podiatrists also perform cost-effective Plantar Warts Surgery. One can also head towards a podiatry clinic if suffering from fungal nails.