Some the essential developments in planter making industries are efficient and handy plant stands products with versatile features. These types vary from Cedar Dollie Set, Cast Iron Plant Caddy, Classic Caddy and Saucer Caddy. For long years now, these have been an integral home and commercial gardening concepts, which bring ultimate satisfaction to various plant enthusiasts. Indeed, with these products you can finally create a graceful lasting statement.

Most business establishments have utilized the concept of decorating their space with Cedar Dollie Set, which has been known as an elegant type of plant caddy. In fact, these types of caddy planters have been brought about by innovations in the planter industries. Its frameworks have well designed features that allow easy movement and transportation of heavy plants. In addition, it has valuable sets of square dollies in varying sizes that fits in your specifications. Its refined details will definitely bring a creative transformation in your exterior space.

In addition, Cast Iron Plant Caddies is a beautiful plant caddy that looks very appealing even at a distance. Its structures are made of top quality cast iron materials that are perfect for moving heavy potted flowering plants. In addition, these types of plant stands have four discreet casters, which are generally placed behind it, which allows it to be transported anywhere. It has distinctive qualities that work with a wide variety of applications.

Furthermore, a classic caddy will be a perfect match for traditional and vintage landscaping requirements. It has been crafted from solid synthetic planter stand materials, which has been enhanced with striking designs for a wonderful and scenic view around. The durable casters can serve a as a solid base for large potted plants. Likewise, its materials contain essential substances that can withstand harsh weather elements.

If you want to save space you can opt for a saucer shaped caddy stand, which depicts elegance and charm. Saucer Caddy Deluxe is one of the few types of saucer shaped caddies, which has been crafted with trendy and commercialized look. In addition, it has well styled solid mouldings that can hold large plants, trees and shrubs. Such versatile features show off durability and flexibility overtime. On top of that, it has been built with custom fitted saucer and refined scroll layouts that make it even more useful for home and commercial use. The planter scrolls function as a hollow reservoir, which regulate the flow of water and helps retain moisture.

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