Keeping a close eye on your painted walls may appear boring to most homeowners. But, doing so only guarantees that your home walls and ceilings appear impressive.

If you’re planning for a full-fledged painting job, but wondering when to go ahead with it, then here are 5 clear signs that suggest you should.

  • Paint Starts To Crack & Peel:-

The first sign being your painted surfaces start to crack or peel. This happens when vapour accumulates between the paint and the wall structure, thus separating the two, till it peels off.

Peeling or paint cracks also denote a leak in your house. Find out the issue and look to sort it out immediately. Also, schedule an appointment with professional painting services in Perth to treat your walls and re-paint the surface properly.

  • The Paint Has Faded Due To Heat Exposure:-

Wall paint fades over time due to excessive heat exposure. The UV rays can break down the chemical bonds present in the paint, thus causing the pigment to fade. 

The affected areas of your house will appear darker than the rest, and if you notice this, repaint it with the help of professional painting contractors in your region.

  • Formation Of Moulds & Mildew:-

Mildew and moulds happen in damp and poorly ventilated areas of your property. And by painting over that affected surface, it causes these moulds and mildew to grow and spread underneath the painted surface.

You can opt for special pesticides to remove the existing mould and mildew problem. However, the wise choice would be to schedule an appointment with a quality painting contractor to prepare the surface, remove moulds and mildew, and repaint it using quality paint.

  • Paint Caulking Hardens:-

Paint caulking entails a waterproofing filler that is meant to expand, with time. But with continuous exposure to the sun and extreme weather changes, it can cause the paint caulk to harden and crack. 

If you feel the wall is rigid to your touch, then that is a clear sign that you should call in professional home painters serving in Perth for a fresh repaint. This is more so if the last paint touch up was done a long time ago.

  • Moisture Stains Forming On The Walls:-

Most moisture stains can be removed by a simple wipe or elbow grease. But, when these stains appear more severe, then it could indicate a deeper damage. 

If you find it difficult to remove that stubborn water stain; you can speak to professional home painters and call them in to check it out. At times, all it requires is a fresh coat of paint to remove the stains. But in other cases, it may need special surface preparation or some material replacement prior to the paint coat.

Do Any Of These Signs Hold True In Your Case? 

If so, then schedule a visit with pro painters in your region and give your walls a professional treatment to remove blemishes and dullness. 

Having dealt with so many projects in the past, they will know exactly how to go about it.

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The author... owns a painting company and provides a wide variety of painting services across Perth inside the client’s time or budget. The author also consists of best-in-class and vetted home painters in Perth to perform all types of residential painting projects.