Owing to its ideal geographical location, India is one of the leading solar producers across the globe. This wide availability of solar energy has led to a boost in solar solutions for home. As solar energy is quickly earning traction in India, many new home buyers make their homes future-ready for solar. Solar technology has been trendy due to its sheer economics as it results in considerable savings in electricity bills and has a return on investment of 4-5 years. For locations not connected with the grid, rooftop solar installation is more economical.

Before you go solar, you must understand the types of solar power systems you can choose from.

Three types of solar rooftop systems and solutions:

On-grid solar systems

In this system, the rooftop solar system is integrated with the main grid supply, allowing power to be used from the grid supply if the solar system cannot supply the necessary power.

Off-grid solar systems

This system is not connected to the primary grid and can run independently with its battery, charged with the system's solar power. This off-grid solar system is advantageous at places with inconsistent supply, frequent breakdowns, or no grid supply.

Hybrid solar power systems

Both on-grid and off-grid solar systems work together in a hybrid system. One unique advantage of this system is that after fully charging the battery, the excess power generated is directed to the grid, which becomes an additional revenue source for the consumer.

If you're thinking about rooftop solar solutions, there is no better time than during your new home's design process. Incorporating a rooftop solar system in a new house allows you to take solar environmental and financial benefits without retrofitting the house later on. It also enables you to make design decisions that will allow your home to be cleaner, greener and cost-effective.

Things you should know before installing solar panels:
The condition of the roof
The steepness and orientation of the roof
Roof load bearing specifications
The layout of roof vents, chimneys, dormers
The rate of consumption of the building
The type of rooftop solar panels to be established

Taking these decisions is more manageable while you are building a new house. If you consider your new home as an investment, installing solar panels can increase your property value. Homes without solar energy panels sell for a significantly lower amount than similar homes with them.

Upon deciding to make your house solar-ready, all you need to do is opt for a reputed solar EPC company like MYSUN that provides rooftop solar panels for home at affordable prices with lifetime service support. Other than these, MYSUN also offers various benefits, below are some of them.

Benefits of solar energy panel installation from MYSUN:
They offer premium solar systems.
They provide solar financing options making it convenient for you to go solar.
They give 25 years of constant energy generation and routine maintenance.
They allow you to get a customised solution based on your budget and need.

Modern technology has made rooftop solar installation cost-effective and an intelligent choice for its economic benefit and the environmental impact with a minimal carbon footprint. Implementing an appropriate rooftop solar system can translate into a never-ending electric power supply at minimal recurring expenses with careful planning.

There are some other queries that user’s generally ask related to solar rooftop installation.

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