There is no doubt about the fact that only fireworks can dazzle the finale of your wedding night. Have you ever come across the fact that it was the wedding night of King Henry VII in the year 1486 when the wedding fireworks have first adorned the sky? So, it is not something new that you are going to introduce in your wedding. Since the earliest time, fireworks have made the wedding nights of many an affair to remember for a lifetime.

Being such an important addition to the wedding ceremony, companies dedicated to firework management have given particular attention to its evolution over the time. Indoor fireworks have always secured a unique position among the popular choice. It can add a ‘wow’ quotient to your arrangement and amaze the guests. However, several evidential reports of accidents suggested that indoor fireworks can trigger accidents that nobody can even imagine.

Safety precautions are therefore the most crucial factor involved in the case of indoor fireworks. The most important precaution you can take on your part is to call for professional handlers who look after the overall fireworks management. They take care of everything related to the service including purchasing, storage and disposal. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy the colourful fireworks around your wedding hall.

Go through to know the dos and don’ts on your part to ensure maximum safety while you are arranging the indoor firework.


Do get the permit

While you are about to organise the fireworks inside the venue, you need to take proper authorisation from the owners. Not every site owner will provide you with the facility of arranging fireworks. Therefore, you need to take the responsibility to talk to the authority and get the documented authorisation.

Do arrange the venue

Make sure you ask the venue decorators to arrange the place accordingly so that the fabrics or any other decors do not catch fire easily.

Do hire the indoor fireworks specialists

You need to ensure that you don’t just pick any of the company other than the specialists of wedding fireworks in Sydney. Take the supply from them and give them the power to design the display accordingly. Don't forget to check the portfolio of the professionals before investing in. Moreover, a background check is also necessary to ensure whether their claim is right or wrong.


Don’t leave the children unattended

Needless to say, the children are prone to enjoy the fireworks the most. At the same time, the little ones are more likely to catch fire other than the adults. Therefore, ask the parents to supervise the children continuously so that they can enjoy the fullest without causing any unfortunate situation.

Don’t let the guests drink inside

As alcohol is highly flammable, it is your responsibility to request the guests politely for having their drinks outside the venue to maintain the safe distance from the fireworks when they are disposed of.

Don’t let anybody handle the fireworks except the professionals

Out of sheer excitement and enthusiasm, some invitees may come up to you and ask for your permission to try by themselves. You should never say yes to them as they are not experienced enough to manage the sparkles and end up messing the entire event. Trust none but the professionals for managing the work.

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The author has an experience of hiring the services of wedding fireworks in Sydney and possesses an adequate information about how the indoor fireworks should be managed.