Toddlers may be tiny, but their list of supplies is not. From potty seats to feeding utensils, you need them all to train your toddlers. Even certain safety gadgets are must to protect your toddler and to keep him safe. Toddler’s gears are definitely important and they play a crucial in child’s development process.

Car seats for toddlers: Car seats are crucial for your toddler’s safety. Also, you are able to carry your child in and out of the car without disturbing him too much. Preferably choose convertible car seats as they are convenient. While buying it, ensure you select right one suitable according to your baby's age and weight. Make sure you are able to properly install it. Try before you buy. The seat must be held tightly by the seatbelt with little movement in the sideways.

Toddler highchairs: There are array of highchairs available in the market to choose from. Parents must check-out its safety and functionality before purchasing it. Also, you need to make sure it’s sturdy and easy to clean. A multi-function highchair, which converts into a separate low chair and table, should be preferable. Other features for highchairs, one must look into like - extra padding on the seats, reclining seats, removable tray for easy cleaning, divided tray to keep different foods separate etc.

Toddler strollers: Stroller is the most useful gear of all. Choose only full-size strollers that come along with accessories like toy attachments, bottle holders, and plush, fully reclining seats etc. They must easy to fold that can be carried comfortably in cars.

Travel bed: Whether you are staying at hotel or somebody’s home, you want to make sure your little one sleeps safe. Travel bed provides a safe, familiar place to your baby. A Mosquito-netted screen on all four sides provides protection to your baby and keeps it well-ventilated.

Baby carrier – Up the stairs or in the market baby carriers is easiest, safest, hands-free way to carry your baby. You can carry your baby in front or back. For travelling purpose they are best.

Diaper bag: Diaper bag always come in handy, when your kid needs a quick diaper change. Make sure diaper bag has good amount of pockets, where you can keep other important baby stuff.

Travelling toys: Toddlers generally get fussy and irksome while travelling. Parents should carry along some travelling toys that keep the tiny –tot engaged and busy.

Bathroom buddies: Bathing time is usually tough time for parents. Make it a fun time for your baby with the help of toys. Carefully select toys which are safe for your baby.

Potty training tools: Getting potty training aids makes the entire potty training process much easier for you and for your child. Some of the Potty training tools include – potty training accessories, wall toilet decals, flushable wipes, car seat liners etc.

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