Digitalization today is at its peak. Nothing is left untouched by it. Nonetheless, it has not only helped millions of businesses reach their success zenith, but it has also transformed our way of living. 


Check this video to know what questions you need to clarify before you start building your mobile app:

The mobile app is one such wonder in the era of digital technology that has actually helped in making all the trade activities easier and simpler. Having an offline business limits your reach to a certain group of customers. But having an online presence is something that matters the most. 


Yeah! You got me right.


You need to get a business app soon if you haven’t yet thought of it. If you are wondering how to create an app from scratch, then there are various ways through which you can create a viable app. For that, you need to build your MVP to know if your app idea is viable

Why Your Business Needs An App?


In the cutting edge marketing world, having your business in the mobile platform matters a great deal. It gives significant market players and new companies with a pool of conceivable outcomes. 


With a significant upsurge in the utilization of cell phones, organizations and new companies are presently moving to online platforms. 


In any case, when these new companies connect with the product sellers for building up a custom versatile business application, they regularly have next to zero clues about what they truly need.


However, before you indulge in creating one, try asking yourself a few questions to know if your product would actually help your potential buyers. 


7 Questions To Ask Before Entering The Domain Of App Development


It is always advisable not to go for creating an app directly before knowing the viability of your app idea. If your app idea ain’t viable or does not provide any solution to your customers, then it is better to drop the idea then and there. 


So, before you start investing your money or rather save your precious hard-earned money from wasting, do a little homework. 


Ask yourself,


  1. How Often Will The Users Actually Run My App?


Smartphone owners these days simply prefer to keep their device upgraded with the apps of their utility and not those which they find irrelevant.  


So, it is always better if you instill a few useful features in your app so that the users at least find it useful to keep it on their device. 

2. Does My App Solve A Problem?


This is the most basic thing that you have to take a look at. You need to see whether your app would really tackle any issue. 


In the event that your app doesn't give a one of a kind unique or genuine technical advantage or solve any particular issue, it may not merit the venture. 


To distinguish which issue your application can address and afterward make a Minimum Viable Product form of your application and continue including more features based on your user feedback. 

3. Who's Going To Use My App?


In the wake of identifying the issues and pain related to your industry or niche, you have to discover who is going to utilize your app. 


Attempt to place yourself from your client's point of view. Also, check whether things truly work out. 


If you were a user, will you be excited about using the app? 


Would you look for it in the play stores? 


Would you tell your peers regarding it? 


On the off chance that you can be straightforward with yourself about those answers, it can spare you from dissatisfaction later.

4. Which Platform Should I Invest Upon?


How sure you are about your app platform?


Is it getting down to business on each stage like iOS, Android, and Windows? 


However, if you're confused or do not know about which platform would be best for you, then it's high time that you choose for the cross-platform app development.


This is a fundamental procedure to guarantee that your application can convey over all platforms. Without making devoted local applications for every stage.

5. Do I Have The Right Technology Partner?


App development is something very crucial which not only requires dedication but also requires investment. Considering it no child’s play, choose your tech partner wisely.


You simply cannot choose a company that has no or little knowledge about app development. Do a good amount of research and choose a company that holds several years of experience in app development with happy customers. 

6. Is My App Marketing Plan In The Right Place?


Most of the entrepreneurs are in a hurry to get their app launched. They do not do proper brainstorming or research while they decide to launch their app. The result is obvious- a great product fails to make it big in the market. 


Creating an app marketing strategy is extremely vital before launching an app. 


So, do not hurry. Get your app marketing strategies and plan set in one place and then go for the big shot.

7. Can I Place The Expected Budget For My App Development Project?


Keeping your budget in place is something that every smart app developer does while starting an app development project. Building up a mobile application is certainly not a cheap undertaking. In any case, luckily, there are courses through which you can build up your application cost-effectively. 


So, plan your budget first, and ensure you keep a lump aside for marketing, product promotion, and support.


Concluding Thoughts


There is no point in building a wonderful app that will simply stay in the app stores and do nothing since you don't have enough money to spend on deals, and promoting. Also, if you don’t have the right app marketing strategies in place then it is definite that your app may fail to make it in the marketplace.


Get the expert help of the best mobile app development company that can not only get you with your dream app but also help you to get your app placed in the top of the app store listings. If you have answers to all the above-mentioned questions, then you’re perfectly ready, to begin your app development and go immediately with your bumper launch. 

Author's Bio: 

Swarnendu De is the Co-founder of Innofied, an Award Winning Apps & Game Development company. He manages the Technical & Business Development Operations at Innofied. With over 10 years of industry experience, Swarnendu has also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK. He regularly writes at his company blogs, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.