In sharp contrast to the robust patios and terraces, timber decks still occupy a fair share of the homeowner’s hearts in Brisbane. And with good reasons too.

They are stylish, warm, and on installation; they can transform even a simple looking backyard into an aesthetically-pleasing entertainment spot. 

So, those who are planning for a timber decking makeover soon, here are some reasons that state why it will such a wonderful investment for you.




Being a raw and versatile and renewable resource- planning a timber deck proves to be an environmental-friendly option. Wastage is virtually eliminated when wooden products are made. Plus; it also requires less troublesome-intensive methods to carry out the entire deck construction.

This perhaps explains why so many are still ‘so-hot’ for timber decks despite so many other equally good building components available in the market.

  • Timber Deck Comes With HIGH DURABILITY & LOW-UPKEEP:

The second impressive thing about going with timber decking is that they boast of high durability and require very little maintenance. If anything; owners will need to polish and oil it from time to time to keep it in proper shape.

The only thing to consider is to select the right type of timber for the deck. And you can do that by taking assistance from quality timber decking specialists servicing Brisbane. They have know-how about top-notch timber treated with a biodegradable chemical to prevent rotting, invasion, natural weathering and more.

So, before you plan for your deck, be sure to work with your decking specialist and find out the right options for your sturdy and low-maintenance deck construction.


Other than its durability, strength and longevity, timber decks are also known to boost up your existing property value. Wooden decks always radiate a rustic, authentic and aesthetic appearance to your backyard. And it is because of its distinctive charm, that helps boost up the property value.

However, there is always scope to improve the backyard landscape with the inclusion of quality lights, chairs and even an outdoor kitchen construction. 

Take help from a timber decking expert serving Brisbane to determine the space needed for the whole construction along with the scope for other landscaping features that you can add. Having worked in so many projects in the past, they will surely come up with something for your backyard.

  • Lastly, Timber Decks ARE VERSATILE:

Timber decking brings along lots of applications. One can use it around ponds, pools, fountains or other existing water features. Furthermore, timber decks can also be used under pergolas and other existing shading structures.

And if these impressive applications weren’t enough, they also present a quality place to relax with friends/family and for kids to play with their pets or toys.

Capping Off:

So, there you have it. Some clear reasons why you should consider investing in timber decks for your next outdoor renovation. But, do take help from experts specialising in decks in Brisbane. Their experience and knowledge will go a long way in ensuring you complete the deck construction immaculately and as per your liking.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a timber decking specialists servicing Brisbane having years of field experience under their sleeves. With that, the author also has a vast idea of which decks in brisbane are treated with a biodegradable chemical to prevent rotting, invasion, natural weathering, etc.