Home extensions are exciting prospects. But if one doesn't have much knowledge about it, then the task could be a daunting one. However, homeowners who have had success during their time opine:

"All it takes it some discipline, a little bit of planning and appropriate advice from the right people. Along with that, one also needs to ask oneself some questions, not only to mentally prepare themselves but also to ensure that the extension project is executed to perfection."

Here's indexing some of those crucial questions. Follow closely, cobbers!

1. Is House Extension Better Than Moving Into a Bigger Home?

This is one difficult question to answer, and truth be spoken, it is a subjective matter. There are some homeowners who don't prefer leaving their old homes, simply because they have so many memories. Flashbacks of their childhood, their friends in the neighbourhood or playing with Milo at the backyard; all seems too overwhelming to just forget and move on.

But from a rational point of view; one needs to consider the cost differentiation. Relocating has its own perils. The buying and selling costs, the moving expenses, along with the stamp duties which are included with it! And with that; one should not forget the expense of buying a new house - which is almost 10 times the cost of an extension.

2. Do I Have Enough Space For The Extension?

Joe Drisco - an expert of home extensions in Brisbane opines - "Homeowners thinking whether they have extra space or not depends on what they are actually trying to achieve out of the project."

  • Whether one wants an extra bedroom?
  • Or a larger family room with a spacious kitchen?

The scale of the project influences the space left at the property. To determine if the existing space is enough; one should blower professional extension builders to help map out how much of those new spaces will fill up the property.

home extension

3. Do I Need to Match The Extension To The Existing House Design?

This is another question which many struggle to make up their minds. Extension projects present homeowners heaps of opportunities to have fun with vivid designs.

As a suggestion, going with a contrasting building style - allows one to experiment with different construction materials, texturing, glazing, the height of the ceiling, the style of the roof, etc. With that; one can also use modernistic materials which enable more natural light and ventilation. Freedom to personalize rooms with different colours and finishes is also a possibility.

4. How Do I Get a Bees Knees Home Extension Builder?

With so many custom home extension builders in Brisbane, finding one for the project at hand is very crucial. Here's how to find one.

  • Look for the reputation of the company and how many years have they been in this line of work.
  • One also needs to check the customer testimonial section to get a clear idea of the quality of the contractors and how versatile they are in handling different extension projects.
  • One should also check at the service rates and whether they adhere to the accepted rates in the market.
  • Lastly, ask for some samples of their previously completed work. It will give one an idea of whether they are perfect for one's project or not.

Capping Off:

Rather than being someone who is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, one should ask oneself these questions. It will make one more prepared for the extension project and allow them to get it done - just the way they wanted it.

Now that the writing is on the wall - crack the whip and find out a dinki-di custom home extension builder.

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The author is a full-time writer who focuses on topics related to home designing and extensions.