If all this time apart during an era of social distancing has resulted in anything positive, it may be that many people are working on themselves and even determining that they want to get married. Thousands of couples who already had wedding plans have unfortunately needed to postpone their celebrations; however, if you're just starting to think about getting engaged to your partner, you now have plenty of time to actually plan a wedding. It will be great to have something to look forward to when you and yours have made it through this trying situation, making marriage even more exciting. That being said, if you and your intended aren't living together while sheltering in place, you may have to plan a digital proposal. Here are a few tips to plan the perfect proposal to sweep your soon-to-be fiancée off her feet (and her video screen).

Say it with some sparkle

The symbolism of an engagement remains whether or not you're physically together, which means that the engagement ring you purchase for your fiancée is of the utmost importance. Searching for the perfect ring can be challenging, but if you think about all of the other jewelry your girlfriend wears, it's likely that you have some sense of her personal style and jewelry preferences. You may also want to talk to one of her best friends or a close sibling about a few of the engagement rings you're considering so that you can get another perspective while shopping. Remember to think about the four C's of diamonds as you compare your options: cut, clarity, color, and carat. These factors will also help guide your shopping, and ultimately make the proposal that much more personal.

Consider special equipment

As you're planning your digital engagement, it may be worth getting some special equipment to help execute the proposal. Maybe you want to make sure that your video message is experienced without lag, so you purchase a portable external hard drive and send it to your girlfriend. Or perhaps you need higher-quality equipment to record your message, so you're interested in buying a nicer DSLR camera in order to capture video. These sorts of items can really push your proposal over the edge and make your partner feel closer to you. That being said, technology can be expensive, and you don't want to break the bank—especially considering the fact that you're also buying a diamond engagement ring. Thankfully, online refurbished electronics shops like The Store exist to help you get the equipment you need for less. Best of all, these refurbished products are certified to perform properly, so you don't need to stress about whether or not your technology will fail you when the big moment comes.

Make it heartfelt

Even if you and your loved one are apart, the most important factor in any proposal is making it come from the heart. The love and passion you have for your partner can be felt across any distance if you make your proposal passionate and personal. Your partner will understand your romantic motivations whether you're talking on the phone, sending her a special video, or speaking in person. Make sure to write out some of your thoughts before you record your speech so that you hit all of the important aspects of your story as a couple. This will keep you organized no matter how emotional you get when recording your message. As long as you keep the unique aspects of your relationship in mind while planning your proposal, it's sure to reflect the depths of your love no matter how it's being communicated.

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