A Real Story

Pooja Thakur belongs to Kashipur in UK, an Indian state, her son Himanshu suffered from Proteinuria, his whole body used to swell quite frequently, restricting his physical movements. He was a small kid who loves playing in the gardens like all kids do at his age. He cried a lot and used to miss his school too. She took him to a local doctor who did prescribe some medicines but not the cure she was seeking. As Kashipur doesn't have sufficient medical facilities she took him to New Delhi, the capital of India that is famous for holding the best medical facilities with renowned hospitals, but didn't get the relief that her son required. She came back to Kashipur in a dreary mood.

How I Got The Treatment?

One of her friend from her circle came down to meet her at her house and after watching her son's condition she suggested her the name of Planet Ayurveda. Pooja asked her, "How do you know about this Planet Ayurveda." "I know because even my kidneys had shrunk sometime back and everyone including the doctors and relatives had said that I have no cure and my kids found Planet Ayurveda after searching the net and contacted them."

I Lost All The Hope in The World

A ray of hope lit in Pooja's eyes and she took their land line phone number from her friend and dialed it right then and the phone was picked by a sweet sounding lady who asked, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can we help you?" She narrated the whole story, "My son is suffering from Proteinuria for quite a long time and I heard that you people have the cure for every disease, is it true ma'am?" "Yes ma'am we have the cure for every disease and where are you calling from?" "Actually I am living in Kashipur in UK and some friend of mine advised me to take my son to Planet Ayurveda as he has already suffered a lot for the past 2 years," she was almost sobbing. "Ma'am don't lose hope come to us and we will provide him the cure." "When ma'am?" asked Pooja." You can come here on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only as that's the time the doctor examines the patients, Let me see ma'am," she fixed her appointment with the doctor and continued, "but do bring in all the test reports of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors and also your family history, OK ma'am, see you soon." She also told her to get at the clinic by 9:30am, that's the time clinic opens as the doctors examine all patients in a fair manner on the policy of first come first serve.

Treat me as Normally as Possible

In fact Planet Ayurveda is an immaculate clinic that heals all diseases in a humble and natural way, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic zone. Actually she is a gold medal holder while doing her degree.

All the medicines that are produced in their premises to rectify various diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically sound lab to check their authenticity, are they coming from organic or natural extraction of plants & trees, if yes they are used otherwise the whole quota is shunted off, without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the vigilant eyes of this honest pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing at a high pace both nationally and internationally. It has a tag line that says, 'holistic healing through herbs.'

From Giving Care to Getting Care

A relative of their lived in Chandigarh and both, she and her son came by train to Chandigarh a day earlier than the appointed day. Next morning both got up and she carried her son in a cab and reached Planet Ayurveda's HQ at Mohali. She was duly impressed to see so many patients already waiting for the doctors at their premises. They went straight to the receptionist and introduced herself, who got her registered after writing down her name on an official pad of Planet Ayurveda.

The receptionist asked Pooja to come along with her and guided them to an assistant doctor who asked her to narrate her son's symptoms. The lady assistance doctor also wrote all his symptoms on a sheet of paper She was almost sobbing while speaking as her son was in dire situation.

Then the assistant gave her assurance and said the doctor will certainly cure her son and asked them to wait for the doctors. Both came out of that room and sat on the chairs in their AC lounge and began waiting. She heard her son's name around 12:15pm and got off from their chair and were ushered in the doctor's room and where she introduced herself.

After the initial greetings, she did had a word with the doctor after mentioning her friend's name that had got the cure for kidney shrunk and requested him to please treat her son the same way. Then she showed her son's disease related papers to the doctor who studied them carefully.

Then the doctor asked her to narrate her own and her son's history and while she was speaking the doctor kept scribbling the names of some medicines on his registered slip. When Pooja Thakur had finished, the doctor said, "Look Mrs. Pooja Thakur, your son is suffering from Proteinuria and you need to take our Nephrotic Syndrome Care Pack from our pharmacy and follow these prescriptions here," and pointing his finger towards the slip and also gave her another sheet of paper after drawing it out from his drawer and added, "

Diet Recommendation

Here is a diet chart that needs to be followed precisely, the foods to take and foods to avoid,otherwise his disease might not get healed very soon and you will prolong his problems." "Sure sir as I don't want him to cry anymore, "she herself was on the verge of crying. "For how long sir," she asked in a sobbing tone. "It will not be more than 6 months at the most but keep providing the information to me every month, ok and get well soon,Himanshu" the doctor bid them bye after patting the cheeks of Himanshu.

I Feel Lucky to Get the Treatment from Planet Ayurveda

They came out of the doctor's room and went to their pharmacy and bought their pack and left for Kashipur the same evening. She began the medication of her son from the next day and found his symptoms reducing every month and kept informing Planet Ayurveda. After 3 months she came back in a hale & hearty condition as her son has recovered fully and is enjoying his physical fitness and goes to school in full enthusiasm. She just came to say thanks to Best Ayurvedic Doctor in India Dr. Vikram Chauhan and the whole team of Planet Ayurveda for curing her son from Proteinuria of 2 years within 3 months.

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