The Scottish North Coast 500 is the ultimate road trip in Scotland. It stretches 516 breathtakingly beautiful miles along the Scottish coast The route begins in Inverness and it ends in Inverness as well. Travellers along this historic route are going to see wildlife, beaches, glorious landscapes, heritage sites, castles and more. Read on to learn more about the Scottish North Coast 500 and how to plan your trip.

Visitors who travel this historic route are going to have so many things to explore and learn about. Stop at a pub or shop. Visit a museum or spend the night in a castle. This route is designed to encourage visitors to stop and explore.

When you are planning your trip you need to think about how long you want your trip to be and how many stops you want to take. Since this route hasn't been around for a long time it can be challenging finding information about it. The North Coast 500 started in 2014.

The roads loop around the highlands on the northern coast. The route was designed to show off the beauty of the area and also show off the different businesses that call the area home. This route has become a huge success and thousands of people take the tour each year.

The route hugs the coast and it takes you into the towns and villages. You will be visiting large cities and small villages on this route and you have plenty of time to stop and explore the area.

Many people are drawn to this route for the scenic views. There are so many beautiful landscapes to explore. You get to explore the coast, farmlands, forests, lochs, rivers, marshlands and more. Wildlife is abundant and you will see many different kinds of wildlife including seals, whales, birds, deer, and dolphins. You will also see plenty of farm animals like sheep and coos.

You see a lot more than just scenery on this trip. You get to explore all of the delights that the towns have to offer as well. You can try local food at one of the many restaurants. You also have the opportunity to stay in unique lodgings like castles and country homes.

You can golf and hike. There are plenty of castles to visit. You also get to explore many of the heritage sites. There are archaeological sites to explore as well. The beaches are beautiful and there are also distilleries to visit.

If you are planning on taking this trip try to go between May and October. More things are going to be open and the weather is better as well. You will be able to enjoy the warm weather and more is going on in town. This time is busier though, and the attractions are going to be more crowded. If you want to go during a quieter time consider going in April, September or October. You can avoid the crowds this way and still enjoy good weather before it gets cold.

Winter can be a nice time to go as well but it is going to get cold. You can take some beautiful photographs in the winter. Sometimes the roads will be closed so make sure that you check the weather before you start your trip in case some of the roads are closed due to bad weather.

Some of the businesses are going to be closed in the winter as well so don't expect to be able to see everything you want to see if you decide to go during the winter. The North Coast 500 is an amazing thing to experience.

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Alasdair Walker is the marketing director for Best Scottish Cottages that offer Scotland's finest cottages on the North Coast 500 route.