Washington is certainly one of those locations that all people should go, but what places to check out in Washington are worth it? Well, in this guide, we are going to go through quite a bit of all those places and we are likely to explore some destinations in Washington that you may not have thought of!

Walking is Better

1 thing that you must know about every time you're going through Washington is that walking is going to be better. You will get to see all of the grand old homes, Federal style row houses and all of the older churches and cemeteries. The historic community is beautiful and it is by far the best place to go, it is actually in Upper Georgetown.

Every time you're walking, you need to be sure that you stop by Dumbarton Oaks, for this 19th century mansion, which is owned by Harvard is worth it. It is actually an art museum now and is also the venue for the 1944 conference organized by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. You want history? This is the place to go.

White House

After you have walked a lot, the next place you want to see, of course is the White House. This is typically at the top of everyone’s list, but it is actually a breathtaking building and worth the trip to see it. One thing to note, if you want a tour, you are going to have to be part of a group, so keep that in mind.

The Mall

Most people don't think about this, but the grassy park-like strip that actually runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol it beautiful. It is just a few short steps from the White House and on the way there, you can stop at the Lincoln Memorial and even the WWII Memorial.

Washington DC is full of areas that all people should see; you just must narrow down your list a bit. These are great places though!

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