Places in Gabon, the City of Lakes

Tourists visiting Gabon's capital Ougaidou may be surprised to see the town named after a French pastry chef. Gabrielle was one of the best-known and best-loved female pastry chefs in Europe. Born in France, she spent much of her childhood years in England, where she learned to cook and travel. While at college in England, she began to hone her skills as a chef and developed a passion for traveling.

When World War II ended, Gabrielle returned to Gabon and opened a small bakeshop. She specialized in producing pastries that were available for a high price to the people of Gabon. Gabonese workers were barred from selling them outside the town. When she moved to Gabon, she opened a bakery in the center of town and called it "The Bakeshop". The name stuck, and over the following few decades the business flourished into a successful hotel-restaurant.

Gabon - popular destination

Today, Gabon is a popular destination for European travelers and African tourists seeking an alternative to Africa's crowded hotels and resorts. Tourists can experience Gabon's history, culture and geography during a guided day trip. Tours include hiking, jeeping, river rafting, snorkeling, butterfly watching and, on some occasions, a visit to the town's museum. The museum itself is a treasure trove of beautiful art and antique pieces.

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Exploring the museum

Tourists are not limited to exploring the museum. They can visit the Town Square, a cobbled square in the center of town. Here they can shop for antiques, flowers, souvenirs and other items. The Square is also an ideal place for street food and dancing. Tourists often stop by the coffee house for a hot cup of cocoa or to pick up a fresh package of cigarettes.

One of the most popular attractions in town is the Pompin Petit Fountain, which received a UNESCO world heritage status in 2005. The elegant garden fountain was built by a French farmer in the late 1800s and serves as a testament to Gabon's art and culture. The garden pond is surrounded by a lush, manicured grass and planted with hundreds of beautiful French trees. The fountain itself flows through a channel in the middle of the fountain; visitors can walk down a path from the pond area to the main floor.

The town of Gabon, situated between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, has long been a favorite spot for African and European tourists. Tourists can stay in either comfortable accommodations or more luxurious hotels that are only a short distance from the beach. Gabon caters to the needs of all types of travelers. Whatever your vacation style, there will be something for you in Gabon.

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