I have previously written about that even if you chose to eat a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that you have to do without all the good things. You can easily have a pizza once in a while, as long as you do right and in moderation. And by right I mean that you drop the pepperoni, the pork bacon, and use low fat things like ham, turkey bacon and whole wheat pizza dough.
So you can eat good pizza once in a while, it just needs to be a whole wheat pizza with lean meats and a side dish like salad. However you have to make it yourself, I have never heard about a pizza places that make a whole wheat pizza.

Here's the recipe we use to make a serious good pizza that's big enough for 4 persons, and probably enough for lunch the following day, if the desire should be for this.

50 g yeast
3 dl. Milk (skimmed)
3 tbsp. oil
400 grams of all purpose flour
200 grams of whole wheat flour / I use rye flour

You can of course use more whole wheat flour, rye or whatever type you like just remember to use less all purpose flour.

Ham sliced into small strips
Turkey Bacon sliced into small strips
Tomato Sauce

The yeast is stirred in the warm milk in which the oil and salt are added. The flour tube in little by little until the dough is smooth and airy..
Set the dough a side to rise for 15 min.
While dough rises turkey bacon cut into strips the same size as the ham.
When the dough has risen, divided it in two equal portions to which is rolled out to 2 pizza bases and set them on baking pan or rolled into a large baking pan.
The filling is on the pizza, again set aside to the rise for about 10 minutes.

Finally, bake in oven at 225 degrees for approx. 15 minutes.

We always have a salad to the dinner therefore also when we eat pizza, the salad will make you eat less of the pizza than you normally would. I have a slice of pizza with a potion salad, which means that I rarely eat more than 3 slices are not too large.

Whole wheat pizza with salad

The salad, for example, include the following things
Red snack pepper
Raw broccoli
Pineapples (So you also get a little sweet)
Maize (unsweetened - that is some inexpensive corn who is adding sugar the sweetening them)


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