Philanthropy and social inclusion has always been at the forefront of human evolution since the beginning of time. It is however very difficult for most people to gain access to the right kind of platform that will allow them share their experiences or make their opinions known to others. This is where the need for platforms such as Pixhug comes into the picture. Using platforms such as Pixhug studios, it is very easy to create content, which revolves around a particular cause. This simply means you can easily get your voice heard. With the launch of Pixhug Studios, Pixhug creates a new philanthropy paradigm.

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Pixhug was launched in 2016 as a photo-sharing app that turns social media actions such as likes and posts into direct donations to charities. Pixhug partners with charities’ corporate sponsors, enabling anyone with a smartphone to become a social activist and philanthropist without making a direct monetary contribution. Pixhug Studios has the capacity and expertise for developing and producing original, scripted video content for brands to be distributed over the Pixhug platform.

Let’s take a close look at some basic features of the launched Pixhug platform. The first thing we should consider is the content creation support. This is not just any kind of content, but content that is supported by a particular cause. Activism is now supported more than ever before. One of the major challenges faced by philanthropists from different parts of the world is finding the right studio to create their content. Pixhug studios is here to solve that problem.

According to Curtis White, who is part of the Pixhug team, the digital content landscape is rapidly transforming and Pixhug is an innovator leading the trend toward developing socially responsible content with a desire to effect social change. We all know that brands are always seeking to communicate their commitment to corporate social responsibility to generation Z and millennial demographics. Pixhug can greatly help brands and philanthropists achieve this dream.
When it comes to digital content production, being able to create the content is one thing, and your ability to distribute this content is another. This is another area which Pixhug can help; digital content can be distributed without any stress. Marketing is also crucial when it comes to digital content production, which is why the Pixhug platform handles marketing of content created. Keep in mind that all these are carried out on a single platform.

The CEO and co-founder of this amazing platform, Mido DeSanti has welcomed Curtis White to the team, White was most recently the Head of Digital Content at Thunderbird Entertainment, the Vancouver-based studio, and it is worthy of mention that some of the notable projects by the company include Blade Runner 2049, Beat Bugs and Man in the High Castle. The marketing of corporate philanthropy content is now easy, with the launch of the Pixhug platform. Brands can now have their digital content created within the shortest possible time, while distribution and marketing is still handled.

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Pritom Das is an tech entrepreneur