A medium has a job which can be challenging. In addition to the church being in the main against mediumship, there is the added pressure of many people who, not understanding mediumship, may believe the medium to be working in league with the devil. I have been told by many mediums that they have been warned by those energies which reside in the spirit world, also known as ‘spirit,’ that they will face an uphill task and that getting the word of mediumship out would be difficult with many hurdles and obstacles in their way.

Mediums also have other issues when doing that type of work. Although being a medium will show a person the true nature and essence of who and what we are, they will become more sensitive to the world and also negative energies. This is a natural event and one that must be dealt with. In addition, if a medium does not ground themselves after a session with a client then they can have their head in the clouds all day and find it difficult to feel ‘with it’ in the physical realms.

A medium not closed down, can pick up energies of people, place and situations which can make their lives chaotic. In addition they may receive unwanted communication by spirits who feel they are open all hours for business! A medium can also have poor physical as they use so much energy to bring through the other side, and it can also have a terrible effect on the immune system.

Mediumship can take over a persons life as they get caught up in the day to day demand, and attend work shops, events, talks and further training often forgetting about their families. Also taking on the persona of a spirit can also cause problems as if one cannot disengage then the persona could stay with them and cause psychosis and mental illness. In face there is a massive link between mediumship and mental illness as it is thought years ago, some people were actually mediums and not mentally ill and that they were actually hearing other worldly voices which were believed by society to be the product of madness.

Some mediums allow their ego to get in the way, and do believe that they are better than other mediums, while it is true there are various levels, the very pedestal that mere mortals place these people on only adds to the issue. The over sensitive mediums will act like prima donnas and blow up at the slightest thing. I have worked with many mediums who are often provoked at the slightest thing and react in an extreme way, and this is a down side to the gift.

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