SOCHTEK - In our previous post we have discussed about CLICKBANK and its benefits for an AFFILIATES and for an OWNER. In this post we will be explaining the Clickbank Flow & Advance Flow.

Once the product is LIVE on Clickbank platform and we have additional products related to it and to sell those products we can create a flow called as Pitch Plus Flow.

Pitch Plus is Clickbank's terminology for up selling to a customer who has just made a purchase. The Up sell product (or services) should complement or enhance or add-value to the customer’s initial purchase. These are the typical upsells that we encountered daily. Similarly, Clickbank offers its vendors a variety of upsells and downsells via its “Pitch Plus” sales funnel.

At its simplest, the Clickbank Pitch Plus offers the customer a single upsell – if the customer accepts, then the sales funnel ends and the customer is sent to the confirmation page where he/she can download the initial product and the up sold-product.
Initial Offer -> Clickbank Order Form -> Pitch plus Offer -> Confirmation Page

As a vendor, you opt for the simple upsell (Pitch Plus flow) above, or go for the “Advance Pitch plus Flows” as described below:

1) A series of (up to) 3 up sells
After initial purchase, customer is shown the 1st Product. If customer accepts, the 2nd product is shown. If customer accepts the 2nd product, then the 3rd product is shown. At any point in the flow, if customer declines, then the “CB Confirmation Page” is displayed. On that confirmation page, the link to your thank you/download pages will be displayed based on how many upsells the customer had purchased.

Pitch Plus Flow gives an advantage to internet user to buy multiple items from a vendor at a reasonable sale price without adding credit card details again (passes through CBF parameter of Clickbank)Pitch plus flow gives an advantage to vendor where he can sell more than one items to a same buyer at a same time without any hassle. Like selling of Cold drink with Burger. And then also selling French Fries.
Clickbank pitch plus flow is a secure platform for selling multiple items.

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