The ICO is powered by a cryptocurrency offering in the form of PDP token shares.

After a successful Pre-ICOs sale in February, 2018, PinkDate, the first anonymously-operated, worldwide platform that combines verification, booking, scheduling and payment in a single platform, has announced its ICO beginning June 27, 2018.

PinkDate will serve a huge market of over $157 billion comprising dating and entertainment requirements with currently no competition in this space.

The PDP security token launched by PinkDate is unique in that it pays dividends, and will cut out existing middlemen that are a source of much hassle, allowing for a safe, secure, and confidential market operation. Funds raised from the ICO will go towards development and marketing.

PinkDate token shares represent an investment in a real and profitable business and pay dividends every three months out of profit. Investors in the PinkDate ICO benefit in two ways: from the dividends as paid, and potential rise in the value of the token shares.

Says President Sarah Stevens “The PinkDate platform offers an enhanced experience with trust and verification and transactions that are confidential and secure.”

Among the highlights and unique features, PinkDate will offer a secure online meeting place to schedule appointments, with no presence of middlemen, thus taking over control over every aspect such as scheduling and pricing. PinkDate will also provide a large database of pre-verified users.

The existing operational methods leave much to be desired for users, as they must complete a separate verification process for every new date, and share their personal information such as a photo ID, job references, social media IDs and contact information. The repetitive process is painstaking and time consuming, and also not secure since the information is shared with anonymous parties. For professionals, the verification process can take up as much as 70 percent of their time.

PinkDate has been founded with extensive research work among its user base, with interview data from dozens of users to create an all-in-one platform. The users of PinkDate can browse, swipe and click to avail services and make appointments, with payment options in cash or cryptocurrency.

To optimize search and matches, PinkDate is also equipped with machine learning so that users can get the best experience of discoverability based on preferences. The machine learning engine uses photos and preferences that are not explicit, which are then optimized for best results.

The blockchain base of PinkDate makes revenue auditing transparent, to give investors confidence. Using Tor-based infrastructure, encrypted connections and confidential, non-US based server locations makes PinkDate very secure.


PinkDate is a privately-held company which shares profits with its ICO investors through payment of dividends every three months. It is an extra-jurisdictional organization operating virtually, not subject to any one country’s rules and regulations.

More information and a technical whitepaper (written in understandable language) on the PinkDate ICO and the PinkDate Platform can be found at For more information, write to:

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