Goodwill and Profit were playing ping-pong in my head.

My new book, The Secret Side of Anger, was just released in paperback. The original version, in audio, has been on the market since 2008. Friday's mailbox contained an order for the 4 CD set, retailing for $39.99. What the buyer didn't realize was that we're offering a pre-release special: purchase the paperback for $12.99 (a true bargain!) and receive the audio for only $16.99. That's a huge savings which she apparently was unaware of.

I prepared to fill the order when suddenly I felt an internal tug of war. While under no obligation to notify her of this offer, I felt bad knowing that she was paying full price for something she could receive for much less if only she knew. I thought of how I would feel if it were me. But I also knew I was ahead monetarily by fulfilling her order as is.

Then I heard Jack Canfield's words: "Give stuff away for free!" (unconventional advice he offered in a recent seminar on becoming a successful author).

Times are tough, Profit reminded me. This book took two years of your life and cost a lot to produce.

Goodwill countered: Your work has never been about the money, Janet. Isn't your philosophy that "life isn't about making money - life is about making a difference"?

You deserve the money! Profit argued.

Goodwill queried: But how much is generosity worth to you?

Profit or Goodwill - both had valid points but Goodwill presented the stronger argument. Believing the Universe blesses and rewards all acts of kindness and generosity, I felt confident I was making the right choice.

I packed the audio book, added the paperback and threw in a copy of my first book, The Seedling's Journey, for good measure. With postage, it would be slightly more than her check. It didn't matter. I enclosed a letter with an explanation and hoped she enjoyed her "bonuses". Then off to the post office I went, feeling good about my decision.

I asked the clerk for the book rate (which should have been around $11). He weighed it and handed me a receipt for $2.77. That's crazy, I thought. It costs more than that just to mail one book, let alone three.

"Are you sure", I asked? "That's what the computer says", he stated. I paid him and left.

Boy, that was quick, I thought. I don't usually receive instant blessings. I expressed my gratitude and glowed in quiet appreciation for the remainder of the day.

While money and profit are important, goodwill and generosity far outweigh both.

Don't let your life be about making money. Make a difference instead. The money will follow.

Author's Bio: 

Internationally known motivational and inspirational speaker, Janet is a graduate of Englewood Cliffs College (now St. Peter’s) and is a leader in the field of anger management and conflict resolution.

She serves as a consultant to such companies at the U.S. Army, U.S. Postal Service, Hoffman-La Roche, Carnival Cruise Lines, AT&T, United Way, YWCA, and more.

Janet is a registered trainer for the N.J. Education Association, training teachers and students throughout the state.

As a survivor of domestic violence, she also works as an instructor at a battered women’s shelter.

Janet hosts her own TV show, Discovering Your Personal Power and is a frequent quest on television and radio. She recently appeared on Fox TV, Steve Adubato’s One-On-One, was highlighted by NBC News and appeared on many others. She has also co-hosted her own talk radio show as well.

An award-winning author and freelance writer, Janet writes a column for the Daily Record as well as articles for such magazines as Woman’s World, N.J. Family, Prime Woman and Living Solo.

She has co-authored a book with Mark Victor Hanson (of Chicken Soup For the Soul) entitled “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3”, wrote “The Secret Side of Anger” (currently available on CD), and has four published children’s books. Janet is listed in “Who’s Who in Authors”.

Additionally, Janet has spoken at the United Nations, Notre Dame University, is a member of the National Police Suicide Foundation and a board member for the World Addiction Foundation. She has been a committee member and keynote speaker for the YWCA’s National Week Without Violence Campaign.

In 2001, Janet founded the nation’s first support group of its kind for families struggling with issues of estrangement. The group, Reunion of Hearts: Reconciling and Reconnecting Estranged Families, was dedicated to the emotional and spiritual healing of family members and very successfully reunited more than 90% of the families.

Janet is also a member of NJAWBO and A Vision In Motion Speaker’s Bureau.

She has been nominated for many prestigious awards including the Russ Berrie “Make a Difference Award”, and has received many others.

Added to her credentials are numerous awards for her nature photography. And in 1994 – 95, Janet was one of the nation’s top female marathon race walkers, winning gold medals at the state level and gold, silver and bronze medals for national marathon competitions. No one has yet broken her record of power walking every single day for more than 26 years.

In her spare time, Janet rescues abandoned and abused dogs (she currently has 3 beautiful mutts), hikes, and spends time with her family.