In life, everything is connected. Be it our health, wealth or relationship, if one of them takes a hit, the other two suffer as well. Here, however, we shall be talking about the aspect of relationships and how we can maintain them successfully.

Hello, I am Rabbi Pinchs Gold, and I will be your host for this article. Here, we shall be discussing about how you can maintain all your relationships, including with your partner, your work connections and friendships successfully. Keep in mind that the state we are in, in one relationship determines our state in all other relationships.

Here are the 4 golden keys of success in all relationships:

1.Know your own patterns:

By this I mean to say that, whether it be talking to a new client or getting to know a new love interest, or reaching out to your old friend, it is important to know how we work our way during these situations.

Do you over-give? Do you struggle while asking for support? Or do you go about it all on your own? Do you overwork ignoring your relationships which makes you end up alone during your birthdays or other personal occasions?

I, Pinchs Gold, assure you that being self-aware about all these things will help you know where you are going wrong and how you can set the right pattern. You will also be able to understand which pattern brings about an emotional response from you.

2. Know your own triggers:

Along with the patterns, it is also important to know the triggers of emotional points in us. For example, if you are not used to ask for help from others, an emotional trigger will make us ask for help if you find that you are not receiving the same as you are giving in a particular relationship.

Showing interest in other people will bring you more friends than making people take interest in you ever will. So let me, Rabbi Pinchus Gold, tell you that it is very important to communicate in order to understand the triggers and maintain relationships easily.

3. Get hold of your emotions:

The success in a particular relationship does not come by having boundaries and strategies. It is not possible that way at all. Rather, it is about forming a vacuum between feeling the trigger during an interaction and a suitable controlled response.

To master your emotion, you need to understand what causes the reaction. Every feeling has an origin. The reason why you reacted to the person in anger maybe because he or she had the same tone of your class teacher in your 6th standard which you found offensive. In this way, if you can trace it back to its origin, you will be able to control it. You have the word of Rabbi Pinchs Gold on it.

4. Be flexible in the approach:

I, Pinchs Gold, assure you that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It is all about choosing the person with whom you want to compromise and this is what makes compromising a lot easier. As for official relationships, try to understand what went wrong.

There are no set of rules to follow. While for personal relationships, heat may arise as a result of rubbing each other the wrong way, in professional ones it may be that the client said something to you that hurt you on a personal level. The answer to both of these is to convey it and not be quiet. Sharing always sorts things out.
Keep these 4 golden rules in mind and I, Rabbi Pinchus Gold, assure you that you will find success in all your relationships. So, know yourself better in order to be better to others.

Author's Bio: 

Pinchus Gold is a Williamsburg-based rabbi and a motivational speaker. In this blog, Rabbi Pinchs Gold talks about 4 golden rules to achieve success in all relationships.