Facts about Piles
Piles or hemorrhoids are painful, enlarged veins which forms on the lower rectum or around the anus. These inflamed or swollen veins are formed due to increased pressure on the blood vessels surrounding the anal canal. Piles are a common ailment and it is not only confined to older people but is widespread amongst every age group. It is of two types namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The former cannot be felt or seen lest they are severe whereas the latter can be visible around the exterior portion of the anus. Piles turn worse over time. Although embarrassing and uncomfortable, it is normally not a serious condition.
What causes piles?
The exact cause of piles is unknown. However some of the common causes associated with piles include:

Chronic constipation
Faulty bowel function
Spending a long time on the toilet
Cancerous abrasion in the rectum can block blood flow thereby resulting in piles
Piles is common amongst those who consume excess of spicy food, chicken and prawns

Do you recognize the symptoms of piles?
The initial symptoms of piles are generally itching of the mucous membranes of the anus. A bloody discharge appears with the feces in the second stage and in a more advanced case, there is a protrusion of the rectal mucous membrane. Some of the most common symptoms of piles include:

Protruding mass
Discharge of mucus along with itching in few cases

Treatment of piles
The treatment of piles solely depends on the severity of the condition. Initially creams, salves, ice and bathing in a tub filled with warm water are recommended to treat the problem. But if these remedies do not show any result, then the following treatment choices can be tried. These include:

Stapled surgery
Laser surgery
Scalpel (standard) surgery
Anal stretch
Hemorrhoidal arterial ligation (HAL)
Bipolar coagulation/direct current
Radiofrequency coagulation
Infrared coagulation (photocoagulation)
Rubber band ligation
Cryosurgery (cold probe)
Injection Sclerotherapy

Pilex ointment and Pilex Tablets from Himalaya Herbals: Natural herbal cures to avoid piles and mucous membrane disorder
Pilex tablet: this is a prescription medicine that helps to reduce the turgidity and engorgement of the venous capillaries and the veins. By relieving portal pressure and hepatic congestion, this tablet plays a facilitator function in hepatic disorders related to venous congestion. Its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory actions help to reduce inflammation, checks infection as well as promote healing. Pilex tablet also contains a laxative property which helps to correct chronic constipation related to hemorrhoids. Pilex ointment- this ointment contains anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhoidal properties which helps to control bleeding, shrink the pile mass and hasten the soothing process in mucous membranes and inflamed skin. The local analgesic action of this ointment helps to relieve pain and its soothing action enables the smooth removal of feces.
Hemorrhoids Herbal Remedies
Apart from these medications, you can also try these simple yet effective herbal remedies to cure hemorrhoids. These include:

Aloe Vera juice
Triphala powder
Butcher’s broom
White Oak bark
Horse chestnut
Witch hazel
Bilberry extract

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