Why choose a Pilates studio over a Pilate’s class in a gym, it is all Pilates right, or is it?

Pilates is common place nowadays in Gyms as well as Pilates studios in Barcelona. In the gyms Pilates is listed as an exercise class alongside the body pump and spinning classes. So why pay the extra and go to a Pilate’s studio?


Many gyms use existing aerobics instructor and give in house training to grow Pilate’s instructors. These training sessions, according to people I have talking to, are not as in depth and therefore not as complete as a classic Pilates training given by one of the main international Pilates schools such as Stott. That is not to say there are some gyms and some Pilate’s classes given by Pilate’s instructors with excellent training years of experience but it is less likely to find than in a Pilate’s studio where the Pilates instructors are specialized and teach Pilates all day gaining thousands of hours of experience. Check out our Pilates class timetable https://simplybepilates.com/pilates-timetable-barcelona/

Experience and approach

Pilate’s instructors tend to have a dance or physical therapy background such as; massage therapists. This extra knowledge enables our Pilate’s instructors at Simplybepilates in Barcelona to work with clients at an advanced level, making sure that the right exercises are given according to that persons physical a physiological needs. Most gym instructor will also have in depth knowledge but it will be swaying towards techniques to improve health such as nutrition and diet rather than bio mechanics. I realized this when working at gyms as an Aerobics instructor, my first step into the world of fitness.


A Pilate’s studio is a very different environment from Gym. Pilate’s studios are smaller institutes and hold less people. This is by design as a Pilate’s class should have no more than 8 people for mixed level so that everyone gets corrected ensuring that each student gets the most from the class and the Pilates method. Your gym will allow as many people in the class as legally allowed and the personal attention received will be minimal.

In addition a Pilate’s class and indeed a Pilates studio tends to be a quiet and relaxing space, Yes we have all done a Yoga or Pilates class in the Gym and hear the blaring music from another class while we were trying to connect.

To come and trial a Pilates class with one of our experienced teachers in our Pilates studio in Barcelona feel free to contact Devorah via WhatsApp or call 0034644316850 of go to our web site http://simplybepilates.com. We will find the right class for you, with the right Pilates instructors in the right environment!

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