Welcome to the people who work strong enough to move to the next level of regular Pilates exercise/practice,this series of all intermediate Pilates has been carried out.In this exercise,you will need to enable the basic principles of Pilates,please bear in mind. Rather than the large form, slew, but confuse me more in a hurry,which is just a few iterations of less than perfect shape.I practice Pilates?


Stretched out on your stomach and your feet together.Maintain the scapula in order to get your hips,shoulders away from your ears,your arms straight overhead has expanded.As you can take the floor away from your navel,and then drag the ABS.Your arms and legs stretched out in the opposite direction comes naturally,and lend a hand in the center,they are far off the floor.When you lift your head from the mat of the mat in your mouth,looking down the length of your spine.Breathing in the lift of the right leg five options of the left foot/right hand and left hand/then,breathing 5 out of context.For example,if you are swimming on the mat like a certain shift in this way.


Begins with your knees,walk your hands out the bottom, your feet are pulled from behind.Fist of the forearm parallel,place your hands on each other on the floor.Elbow must be directly on top of the shoulder.To lift the spine from the floor to make a very long stretch in your stomach up.ABS it is under pressure to keep raising, making the waist.Please keep in order to make sure that broad shoulders are away from your ear.With a long extension of your neck and spine,or place your head,not diagonally.So that you are breathing in the pose for 30 seconds.


Behind your legs straight. Them away from your ears and shoulders relaxed.Will return to your head, put your arms straight out that the finger pointing back to the wall.For example,if you removed from the upper spine off mat and head up your arm on the curling overhead on the chin on your ears,chest,to breathe.You are to mobilize the whole body,curl your toes to continue your "up" as spit on the plane. You drag the curve of the spine as you are to your toes with the ABS,and the dark reaches of your finger.Karl, which includes When ABS, straight from the opposite side is reached under the contract while lowering your tailbone - spine from the spine. About half-press,to the vertebrae of a matte one other set of to evaporate under the next.You are to maintain and gradually,the upper curve of your body as a control roll down.Arms and shoulders are still broad as you tumble down a natural rate of interest.

Open leg rocker:

Sadhaka,up to the knee,you can sit in the sit bone like the ankle can be realized using a long time.So to accommodate it and coccyx sitbones you,when you enable the abs to maintain it,so that you can lift extension of one leg and then,shoulder width,the distance of the other,to lay in front of you.Roll back your shoulders and back of abdominal breathing in your breath,will be performed using the amplitude of the deepening scoop.As you twist,you must clear your head and neck go to the mat with the C curve.In order to use before you spit pause, regain itself to an upright position,will return to the muscles of the stomach.

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