The arts have always been an incredibly effective way of encouraging people to get involved with philanthropy. From literature, to music and film, artistic expression can communicate with people in unique unparalleled ways.

Contemporary photography is one of the more recent art forms to create an original approach to charity fundraising. One of the organizations at the forefront of this movement in visual arts is the ‘Positive View Foundation’ who frequently hosts global events that showcase excellent contemporary photography. Many highly regarded art critics have praised Positive View showcases and given them five star reviews.

Positive View’s intention is to create an education programmer that establishes photography projects with organizations that offer disadvantaged young people the chance of gaining photographic experience. All of Positive View’s profits go to supporting the organizations that assist these young people.

This goal has been in the making since 1994 when Positive View was just a small charitable photography project being organized by London’s Saatchi Gallery. Here they would generously donate art for auction at Sotheby's to raise funds for the Chicken shed Theatre Company, an organization that works closely with children with learning difficulties.

When first launched, this development was endorsed by Diana, Princess of Wales, and was continued in 2010 by her son Prince William. Positive View is proud to announce that 2010 saw incredible financial achievements, as they helped to generate over £500,000 for the completion of an innovative photography project for ‘Crisis’, the UK’s leading homeless charity.

Positive View seeks out the most admirable and acclaimed contemporary photography from all over the world to feature at their exhibitions and galas. Doing this has increased public interest dramatically and even led to media attention. To achieve this intrigue, Positive View has done much promotion, including advertising in international magazines and art publications. As a result of their hard work, Positive View’s events have received coverage from several global television networks and have also been streamed for online viewing.

Positive View is proud to have hosted exhibitions from some of the he most revered and popular photographers throughout the world. They will host an exciting exhibition from esteemed artist, Cartier Bresson later this year from November 8th and January 27th.

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If you want to be involved with the incredible work of the, Positive View Foundation, you can find out more by visiting their website where you can learn much more about their achievements and goals. You can also find details of the incredible new exhibition from Henri Cartier-Bresson taking place later this year.