As an informed consumer, there are so many aspects of ensuring that your valuable assets are protected against unforeseeable circumstances. It's therefore important that you draw out a sound personal financial plan that will go a long way in ensuring that you safeguard your possessions. This is where insurance policies come in. Before we go into detail on picking an insurance policy, let’s first define an insurance policy.

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An insurance policy is a standardized form of a contract drawn between the insurer and the policyholder (insured). The contract binds the insurer into agreeing to pay for the damages or loss incurred under the umbrella of the policy language. On the other hand, the policyholder will have to contribute a certain initial payment known as the insurance premium and the subsequent payment of the premium. The contract is of utmost importance as it puts the indemnity cover into effect.

Now that we’ve got that covered, an insurance policy will offer you the much-needed peace of mind, especially in knowing that your assets are well protected from the unexpected. It's also important to note that insurance policies will cover almost all your imaginable assets. However, you need to draw a line between the more deserving policies and those that promise less.

In most cases, picking the right insurance policy that is best suited to your needs may prove to be overwhelming. This is because there are so many insurers out there and so are the types of insurance policies.

Before we get to the real issues, let's take a look at four types of insurance policies you need to know about.

Life Insurance

Now, a life insurance policy will help to financially protect your dependents, in this case, your spouse, parents, children, or any other loved ones who may suffer financially after your demise. The best thing about this insurance policy is that it’s able to replace your lost income and help your family pay off any outstanding debts after your death. However, the cost of your policy will largely depend on the term. The article “Banner 40 Year Term Life Insurance Review – Is It Worth It?” from the Simple Life Insure explains that the longer the term for a life insurance policy, the higher the premiums will be. For anyone who's single, a life insurance policy will help pay for your burial expenses as well as the outstanding debts you may leave behind.

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Health Insurance

This is perhaps one of the most important insurance policies everyone should have. Basically, we depend upon our good health to remain productive and to enjoy life. If you calculate the colossal costs of medical care, then you’ll have all the reasons to opt for an insurance policy. In addition to this, the cost of living without an insurance policy may be higher as compared to having one in the first place. A health insurance policy will help take care of the minor to a serious ailment, medical bills, serious injuries that may result in admission, and injuries or ailments that may require surgery.

Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

It's reported that natural disasters destroy more property worth so much, kill people, and leave scores injured with each passing year. Such disasters include earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions, just to mention but a few. These events are becoming frequent and the consequences more devastating. You want to ensure that your property is insured against such. Needless to mention, replacing an entire building or rebuilding can be overly costly after such damages.

Automotive Insurance

It’s become a requirement in most states for automobile owners to have auto insurance to cover any form of liability. A basic auto insurance policy covers the following.

Body injuries.
Personal injury protection.
Property damage liability.
Underinsured and uninsured coverage.

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How to pick the right insurance policy

Picking an insurance policy is not as fun as it may sound. It will require that you go through a rigorous process, learn some terms that you may probably have never heard of, and go through tons of endorsement pages. It can be confusing! However, you wouldn’t want to imagine your life without an insurance policy. Before choosing the policy that suits you, it's important that you work with the best. It will make a huge difference in ensuring that your policy is binding. Here are some tips on picking the right insurance company

Consider their service delivery.
Investigate their total shares, assets, and growth

Experience and history matters a lot.
Read online reviews to know what others are saying about

Choose the right plan.

Before picking just any insurance policy, it's very important to determine the insurance plan and what's in the package. You also need to consider the amount you'll be paying in premiums. Remember, premiums are not the only costs you'll be expected to pay. This makes it important to take into consideration, the other additional costs.


For each and every insurance company you'll talk to, you'll notice that they may differ in areas they cover. It's thus important to ensure that the insurance policy in question covers all that needs to be covered or that it suits your needs. For instance, when choosing an auto insurance policy, it's important to ask the insurer if they cover for all liabilities or just a fraction of them. Nevertheless, it may boil down to your preferences.


It's very imperative to ensure that before signing on the dotted lines, you know the insurance benefits attached to your policy. Valid questions to ask may include the following:

Will the policy in question help to manage my cash flow?
Will the insurance policy pay for all my losses?
Will the policy pay for federal or estate taxes?
Will the policy pay off my debts or replace my income?

These questions will help determine the benefits and packages attached to your insurance policy.

Depending on the type of insurance policy you choose, you'll be on the safe side in dealing with emergencies. This is perhaps the reason why most insurance companies have invested a lot in property, government securities, and the stock market. This enables them to pay for the claims and the various insurance benefits attached to the policies. You, therefore, need to work with well-established companies who have a good track record as well as the power to cater to your needs.

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