If you’ve been in an accident with the big truck, the likelihood is significant that the wreck was somewhat serious given the huge disparity in size between the big rig and a car. Because a commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, usually it is the occupants of the passenger vehicles that end up the loser.

The odds of a serious injury or even fatality from a truck wreck are four times greater than the accident at the same speed between passenger cars or pickup trucks. And commercial trucks are insured by commercial policies managed by sophisticated adjusters and defense attorneys.

Contact A Well-known Truck Accident Attorney – Early!

 The earlier you hire an attorney to assist you with injuries from a tractor-trailer accident the better chance your attorney will have two obtain the evidence to support your case.  Most people assume that because the police investigated and gave a ticket to the other driver that the matter is closed. That is not the case and often issuing the ticket does not even come into evidence in a case.  It is up to the injured to prove their case and the sooner your attorney gets to work on the case the better chance of success.

Do Your Homework

 Often, people will hire the first attorney recommended to them or that they speak to on the telephone. Doing your homework before you select an attorney is critical to your chances of success.  Once you have signed a contract with the attorney for representation, it's difficult to change attorneys to obtain one more skilled and knowledgeable about truck accidents. Changing attorneys can also complicate w the case. Doing your research regarding who not be the best pickup counsel for your case should be done before you retain anyone.

Be careful in reading different “awards” or accomplishments from suspect but important sounding organizations. Many of these organizations are profit driven and the “award” comes by a fee paid to the awarding company. It is much better to look to the State Bar’s or two peer driven ratings. Another tactic used to entice clients by some attorneys is to claim huge numbers in terms of recoveries in cases, but closer evaluation reveals those are commercial cases and unrelated to trucking litigation.

 Most people feel your best option is to obtain an attorney who handles trucking accident litigation as their primary practice.

Trucking Experience Is What Counts

When choosing an attorney for an 18-wheeler accident case, look for experience specifically in other 18-wheeler crashes. The rules that apply to trucking companies and affectional drivers vary from everyday drivers. A thorough working knowledge of the safety rules for drivers and companies is a must for any attorney you are considering retaining. Looking at prior results from truck crashes is a must. Another factor that may make a difference in your selection is the number of cases the attorney handles at any one time. The more files they have, the less likely they are to spend quality work time on your case.

Another factor that should be considered is who actually will do the work on your case? Well on serious cases, the senior attorney will always meet the client and make the promises junior attorneys’ inexperience and truck accidents and litigation often do the lion share of the work. Asking which attorney will take the depositions is a good indication of who will be doing the work.

Litigation Is A Long Road

It is not unheard of for litigation stemming from a truck accident to last several years before trial and the case can be appealed after trial which further lengthens the process. The best approach is to research the counsel you choose and interview them to make sure you are compatible and on the same page. If you are uncomfortable with the lawyer or the lawyer’s office or staff when you first meet the relationship will likely not improve. Attorneys handling trucking company lawsuits usually do so on a contingency basis. Potential clients should always read the contingency fee agreement closely to make sure they understand what they will be paying for should they win the case. These contracts can vary between law firms.

Whether or not the attorney has numerous open files to work simultaneously can directly affect the resources available for your matter. If the impression you get when you interview an attorney is that they are overworked and pulled in many directions that is a good indication of the focus you may expect in your case.

Do your homework, compare attorneys with trucking experience, and ensure the person you choose is the one who actually do the work on your case.

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