Then the instrument for you is certainly the piaccameter or also called pHetro or TDS tester, an electronic device to which a probe is connected. The task of the probe is to detect the data of a liquid that are then transformed into numerical values by the electronic device. Not only liquids, however, if equipped with the necessary probes can also detect the pH of solids.

These measuring instruments do not always have the same structure, they can be either easy to transport thanks to their compact rectangular shape, or bulkier when entering the professional field. In fact, the latter use is used equipment capable of interfacing with a computer.

Read on to find out more about this topic. In the following, we will describe the types and give advice on which pH-meter to choose.
pH-meter: which one to choose?
The pH-meter can be used for several purposes. That's why we have decided in this paragraph to help you choose the most suitable model for you.
Below you will see the different uses, for each of which we will recommend the pH meter that is right for you.
pH-meter for Land

Do you have to measure ph, humidity level, sunlight intensity, and soil temperature?
The model for you is Grandbeing B01M7S9YW9. We are referring to a digital panel meter also equipped with a backlit display, so visibility is always guaranteed. Thanks to the automatic switch-off it is able to preserve the autonomy of the 9v battery. There is also a special indicator so you will always know what the battery charge level is. And if you want to know the price, just click here and find out.

Are You More Interested In An Analogue Model With A Lower Cost?
In this case, we recommend the Sunnior Horticular Detector which allows you to read the pH, humidity and light intensity on the ground. Although it is equipped with an analog dial, we can say that the data is well displayed. Also in this case we have found an interesting article on Bumpercroptimes about similar soil testers.

Piaccameter For Aquariums And Swimming Pools
To measure the pH of a liquid in general, one of the cheapest and most appreciated products is certainly the Pancellent PH2. It offers an optimal accuracy of +/- 0.1 oh and automatic temperature compensation (to ensure greater accuracy). Also, in this case, we are dealing with a model equipped with an LCD screen that guarantees an immediate reading. In addition, taking advantage of this offer, together with the pH meter also the Pancellent.
Digital or Analogue pH-meter?

You're asking yourself: "Which is the best between the digital and the analogical piaccameter?
We can immediately say that there is no difference in operation between the two models, i.e. both allow you to measure the ph properly and accurately. The difference is there if you finally want to visualize clearly the result obtained.

The analog piaccameter now has the traditional analog dial with a dash and numbers that are not always clearly visible. If you have already used a pH-meter in the past, you will know that the display of the result is certainly not immediate. In some cases, you have to approach the instrument and when there is no external lighting, seeing the relative measurements is impossible.

"Defects" have been corrected by the digital pH meter, which has an LCD screen that allows an immediate display. Also, if the display is backlit, you will not have visibility problems even if you use it in unlit areas.
So between the two models for a matter of immediacy, we recommend the purchase of the digital pH-meter. We have also selected a very tempting offer that may be of interest to you.

Why Buy the pH-meter?
Simply because we are facing a very important instrument also in the domestic field. You could then know the acidity level of a certain liquid. Parameter of which you could not know anything without using this measuring instrument.

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