It is not untrue that having a good chiropractor takes away most of the trouble from your life. You no longer have to live with those hidden pains inside your body and can get a proper treatment to get rid of all such problems. Dr. Tali Pariser is one of the best chiropractor Symrna GA has ever seen. She works at the Radiant chiropractic clinic and commits to providing you with the best service using modern techniques and tools. While there are a lot of chiropractic services offered by this clinic, let us dig deeper into physical therapy services offered by them in this article, and know how it is the perfect treatment for you.
What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy involves the restoration and treatments of the health of different parts of a patient’s body. The main target of this approach is to treat pain and injury that the patient has been suffering since a long time and which cannot be solved through other methods. The primary aim of physical treatment is to ensure that the patient’s body returns to its normal function by the end of this therapy.
What physical therapy methods are used here?
While the radiant chiropractic clinic is famous for its various treatments including headache treatment, neck pain treatment, accident recovery etc., the physical therapy methods employed by it are the best because of the modern techniques which are utilized in this process. The clinic employs the method of rehab and therapy to treat the physical injuries of the patients. Some of the treatments included are as follows:
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• Therapeutic exercises
• Ultra-sound treatment
Using a combination of the above listed methods, Dr. Tali Pariser ensures that the treatment is done in the best possible way no matter how much time and effort it takes.
What is massage therapy and how is it done?
There are basically 3 types of massage therapies which are used in this clinic. Let us have a deeper insight into them:
1. Pin and stretch therapy
This therapy is used in situations where the traditional therapy fails. It aims to impact the patient on neurological level in order to treat the problems which cannot be treated otherwise. Moreover, this therapy also involves changing the tissues inside the person’s body which is not easy to perform using other type of therapies.

2. Myofascial Release
This treatment is used in cases when different parts of a patient’s body cannot perform proper motion. The motion is generally restricted due to scar tissues or adhesions. Eventually, if the proper treatment is not done on time then that part of the patient’s body might be totally deprived of any motion. Hence, this technique is used to restore that motion by taking corrective measures in time.

3. Pressure point therapy
Disorganized or scarred tissues in a person’s body can lead to serious problems at a later stage. Hence, pressure point therapy aims at breaking down the disorganized tissue so that a new tissue can be recreated which replaces the older one.

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