According to the studies, almost 50 million of Americans suffer from chronic back pain and it is the most common reason for the doctor visits’ as well. Various factors can cause back pain to an individual including; lack of exercise, poor work ergonomics, poor posture, excessive weight and limited flexibility. Back pain limits a person’s working efficiency and can make even the simplest movements difficult.

In order to reduce and eliminate the episodes of back pain, you need to understand and recognize the factors that cause back pain. Your Physical Therapists do all this for you; i.e. they formulate a proper regime for you after identifying the major factors causing back pain.

What are different exercises physical therapist suggest to reduce back pain?

Back exercises suggested by the physical therapists aim at the rehabilitation of spine and as well as alleviating pain. Moreover, if practised in a controlled and progressive manner, these exercises also provide nutrients to the disc space and soft tissues in the back. Taking into account, the patients’ specific diagnosis and extent of pain, rehabilitation programs are designed by physical therapists. The rehabilitation program co-ordinated by a physical therapist may include the following exercises:

McKenzie and dynamic lumbar stabilization may be advised in order strengthen the weakened back muscles.
Stretching exercises, like; hamstring stretch may be administered to lessen the back pain.
Low impact aerobics may be advised in order to alleviate the long term pain.
Manual manipulation may be suggested to treat and improvise joints’ and soft tissues’ mobilization.
Physical Therapist provides you proper training for lifting, bending and sitting; both at work and at home as well.
Exercises to strengthen your core or abdominals may be prescribed; as it lessens the strain on the lower back.
Exercises to improve the flexibility in order to reduce tension and tightness may be prescribed.
Physical therapist may also train you about proper sleeping postures because sleeping in a defective posture or on a defective mattress can cause back pain.
You may be trained in relaxation techniques; as studies show and support the view that mind at rest can heal the back pain speedily.
Heat and Cold therapy may be used to alleviate acute low back pain
TENS or Ultrasound therapy may be used in order to enhance the tissues healing.

How according to Physical Therapist can you prevent the episodes of back pain?

According to physical therapists, in order to lessen or eliminate the episodes of back pain, patients must understand what is causing unnecessary stress on their backs. Once you understand, you can modify your lifestyle accordingly. Following tips can help you prevent back pain:

Do not push your body through while exercising or performing daily tasks.
Do not sit in one position for too long. Get up and move for a minute after every hour of sitting.
Make use of good body mechanics while lifting, or moving objects at home or work.
Take frequent short breaks, if you perform heavy manual work.
Stretch everyday for some time, if you play weekend sports.
Do not forget to stretch your neck and tight hamstring muscles, as it can put undue pressure on the back.
Strengthen you core muscles; practice simple balancing exercises to make you abdominals strong.
Re-start an exercise regime low and slow. Do not increase your time or intensity instantly.
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