We live in a world where we don’t need a digital camera to take high quality pictures or videos or a computer to access or create various documents.

Today, we can do all this with our mobile phones! The problem we face today is data storage overload! You constantly keep on getting notifications that the storage available on your phone has been used up and the large number of valuable data on your phone keeps on slowing the processing power of your phone.

As if that wasn’t enough there is also risk of losing valuable documents, photos, videos essentially countless memories if your mobile phone is stolen or damaged during use.

Photo stick mobile description
The PhotoStick mobile device was created by a company in the united states to solve the problem of valuable data loss by providing an interface where a large number of photos, videos and documents can be backed up from an iPhone or Android device with relative ease in mere minutes.

The photo stick mobile is built like a thumb drive and is easy to carry around when you need to transfer or back up files on the go. The storage device comes in a range of storage capacities with 32,64,128 GB variants being available for both Android and Apple devices.
There are two variants commercially available, the first variant with a USB micro port for android connectivity and the second variant with a lightening port for iPhone connectivity.

How does the Photo stick mobile work?
Based on the number of files on your mobile device it takes about 60 seconds to run the set up going through all your files and even discovering lost files!
Using the PhotoStick mobile in steps

• Plug the PhotoStick device to your smartphone.
• Download and launch “the PhotoStick application from the App store or google play store (it is FREE)
• Click on “back up now” the PhotoStick mobile device will scan through the smartphone to display all the files on your device to completely backup every single file.
• To free up space, you can then go on to delete the backed-up files on your smartphone.
Its that easy!

Why should I get a photo stick mobile for Android and iPhone?
Internet connectivity is not required when using The PhotoStick mobile device which is a major pitfall with cloud storage.

Also, it is compatible with android and IOS software that way it runs hitch free on any mobile device of your choice.

The PhotoStick mobile is also a one-time buy and can be used to store up to 60,000 images and videos. The storage device takes the time to make all the files available on your device visible so you do not need to know the exact location of a file before performing a backup.

The PhotoStick mobile device can also be plugged to a PC to view any of the various pictures, videos or documents stored on it.

The PhotoStick mobile device does not require any additional set up except the download of the free The PhotoStick App from the google play store on your android device or the app store on your apple device which could be an iPhone or iPad.

The photo stick mobile makes it easy with just one touch of a button to secure and back up a large number of files from your mobile device.

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