In the days preceding the digital camera, photographers tried to capture pictures of a landscape and worked in the dark room for hours to bring out a comprehensive vista. It required several layers of overlapping pictures. The same impact can now be created with less trouble now at the editing studio with digital photos. It has been a learning bend for even those who have developed the software to this extent that photo stitching has become an integral part of processing. A picture that has been stitched provides stunning depth and character to any existing picture. It is particularly eye catching in natural landscape. The visual appearance gives a feeling of ‘being there’. In a way the end result is a picture in motion if done well. A single composite may be a tireless effort and arrangement of nearly 25 + pictures overlapping!

Photo Stitching Overlap

An expert editor will be able to patiently overlap several layers of the same frame to make the correct angles. To prepare it one has to be careful. Even one careless partly cover can ruin the final image. While photo stitching the overlap should vary from 15% to 30% depending on the specific wide angle shot that has to be achieved. To do this the photographer and the editor has to coordinate well in advance. When the shots are captured, they are done from many perspectives in the same lighting set up. When the frame of overlap is stretched beyond its capacity it may swell-i.e the image might get distorted. This is a perennial problem several editors face. Hence it is up to the photographer to select the right lens. This may help the photo editor to do a neater photo-stitching job. It won’t happen in a jiffy-for both the photographer and the editor. It takes some practice to achieve this kind of work.

Avoid different textures of lighting

Often a photographer has taken shots in changing light and the texture changes. The contrast and brightness differs. If possible the photographer needs to shoot at the same time next day or expect the editor to do a magical photo stitching process. The entire process may sound like it is extremely expensive. But it isn’t if the software is already there with the studio. Most online studios prefer to have a range of software with such features. Giving a wider series of solutions to the clients is more important for a service provider.

Photoshop has this interesting software that can be a game changer for many clients who need impressive pictures. Image a travel agency having a large wall-to-wall profile view of various cityscapes to sell to globetrotters. When photos are merged and stitched seamlessly they come across as a fine tapestry. There is an auto stitch device that can prepare the overlapping of pictures like frames. Multiple images can range from just 2 pictures or a collage of 30 pictures. Once the arrangement is done, the menu has other features to refine the final composition.

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