Phlegmatic personality types are symbolized by a yellow whale, because they have BIG, caring, loving hearts.
People with a phlegmatic personality are definitely the friendliest of the four personality types. They are characterized by their sincere to desire to help other people.
They are generally low key, and avoid confrontation at all costs. They will even go as far as to experience pain to prevent hurting someone else.
The phlegmatic personality type is a great listener, and is concerned about quality more than quantity when it comes to relationships.
Common Strengths
• Great listeners
• Selfless
• Easy to get along with
• Peaceful
• Sympathetic
• Romantic
• Adaptable
• Thoughtful
• Flexible
• Love people, and good team players
Common Weaknesses
• Unenthusiastic
• Shy
• Low energy
• Sarcastic
• Laziness
• Slow to take action
• Indecisive
• Needy
• They don’t take criticism well
• Worry warts
• Compromising, and avoids conflict at all costs
The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly
You can sometimes recognize a yellow whale by their family. Since they are family oriented, they tend to have large families, and more than one child. They are the glue that holds a group together, whether it be a family or a business organization.
Because the phlegmatic personality type is so selfless, they tend to get taken advantage of by more aggressive, manipulative people. An extreme example of this is a person who remains in an abusive relationship, while continuing to shower the perpetrator with love.
The phlegmatic personality can sometimes be unbelievably long suffering and forgiving, but when they do finally reach their threshold, watch out! The transformation will be as extreme as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
When doing business with a phlegmatic personality it is important to be cordial, polite, and focus on building a relationship first. If you get straight to business, you may come off as pushy and insensitive.
How to recognize
They usually walk and talk at a slower pace. Their dress is usually casual. They are prone to wear sandals when possible. They also tend to dress plain, and to wear earth tones.
There are some extreme yellow whales out there, but fortunately we all are made up of a blend of the four personality types. One is usually stronger than the others, which is your dominant personality type.
Understanding people using the four personality types will lead to more successful relationships in both your business, and personal life.
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