The presence of smart technology and cool gadgets makes people feel safe and secured. New 5G technology allows for even more integration between people's devices. The majority of them feel that their data is protected with these technologies so they are entitled to have some rest and enjoy their lives. However, have you ever thought about what makes you safe? Is your data really 100% secured just as you like to believe?

Probably, not! You are not the only one blessed to have the technology. Hackers have also been exposed to technology and they know not one, but hundreds of ways to get into your system and steal your precious information. Where every software testing company is spending hundreds of dollars building smart systems to keep hackers at bay, there is one minor loophole that is almost always left vulnerable.

Phishing- An Easy Entry Path
While the companies are busy building firewalls and security checks for their databases, software, and systems, they tend to forget about securing texts. This leaves a huge door open for hackers to gain access to sensitive information and use it to get to the database. The ways used by hackers include social engineering techniques used to gain login credentials and credit card numbers. This type of attack is known as phishing.

Steps of Phishing
Phishing is a well-planned and well-executed attack like the rest of the cyberattacks. It starts with the hacker masquerading as a trusted entity. He designs an email, instant message or a text message with a hidden virus. The message is designed in a way that appeals to the receiver to open it. The reader is then tricked in opening the embedded malicious link leading to the installation of malware. In most of the cases, the start of installation freezes the system so the user can’t quit the installation. Within a few minutes, the sensitive information of the user is transferred to the hacker making him vulnerable.

Results of Phishing
The results of phishing can be devastating at personal as well as organizational level. On personal levels, phishing can result in stealing of funds, unauthorized purchases, identify thefts and much more. When it comes to an organization basis, lots of companies hire one or another software testing company to secure their data. Unfortunately, these companies usually do not pay much attention to build security walls for messages. This leaves hackers free to perform larger attacks resulting in Advanced Persistent Threats, exposing sensitive information or hurting the image of the organization.

Save Yourself from Phishing
The only way to save your organization from phishing is to make sure that your staff is trained to not open unknown emails, avoid clicking suspicious links, and take necessary precautions. Moreover, they should have help from a reputed software testing company to check vulnerabilities and propose good solutions.

Phishing is a serious threat to people on personal and organizational levels. It is recommended for the organizations to take help from testing companies once or twice a year so the security systems stay healthy and up-to-date.

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As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem, Ray Parker loves to write tech-related news, articles, specifically quality assurance and information security. Apart from his techie appearance, he enjoys soccer, reading mysteries, and spending long hours working over at the New York office.