Philip Judge's experience in the wealth management and precious metals industry is invaluable to the success of Younique Wealth Systems. What does Philip’s experience mean for Younique Wealth Systems Independent Business Owners?

If you seek experience in the wealth management and precious metals industry, look no further than Philip Judge.

Philip Judge has worked with the richest and wealthiest people on earth, and this has given him immense knowledge and experience in how to preserve, protect and grow wealth.

Everything Philip Judge has done to date, is driven by purpose. Philip has worked as a private bullion banker for two decades.

In 1991, he co-founded the Anglo Far East Bullion Company. The Anglo Far East Bullion Company is a world leading private gold and silver bullion custodial company. The Anglo Far East Company offers bullion custodial banking services to high net worth individuals and institutions, and bases its services in Switzerland.

This company deals with high net worth institutional and individual clients.

In 1998, Philip Judge produced a documentary titled Millenium Money. Millenium Money won a first place Gold Award at the prestigious US Film Festival. Millenium Money has been attributed for changing the social, economic and monetary perspective of many people who have viewed it.

Philip Judge is also behind The Anglo Energy Company, which was started in 2003. The company owns and operates oil and gas assets worldwide. Philip Judge, being a
contrarian thinker, knew that the cycle would come back, and energy and commodities would rise drastically. Many people thought he was just crazy. At the time of this writing, energy, commodity and precious metals prices are rising.

Currently, we are discovering less energy than we are consuming. Such is Philip's market positioning and timing.

Philip Judge had an idea, to place wealth, knowledge and wisdom into the hands of ordinary people. This led to the launch of Younique Wealth Systems to the world in 2008.

With business distributors in over 60 countries, Younique Wealth Systems markets its gold and silver bullion, and wealth education products to the masses.

The Younique Wealth Sense Program - Acquiring The Wisdom And Knowledge Of The Generationally Wealthy

Through his experiences, background and knowledge, Philip Judge has served as a trustee, investment strategy advisor and researcher with many sophisticated investors, family and corporate trusts, and private venture capitalists.

Younique's Wealth Sense Program has added value and leverage because of Philip's wealth of knowledge and experience in the wealth management industry. Younique's
Wealth Sense program
raises people's' consciousness regarding wealth.

What separates the wealthy from everyone else, is knowledge, wisdom, and its application.

The ordinary man receives the knowledge and wisdom of the generationally wealthy, via Younique's Bullion Business Opportunity, its bullion products and Younique's
Wealth Sense Program. This is up to date knowledge, based on Philip’s experiences working with wealthy families, and similar experiences of his leadership and
management teams.

Throughout historical times, there have been certain groups of people whose wealth has always grown consistently. These groups of people have always managed to grow and maintained their wealth, whether during times of political, economic or social unrest. These people constitute the generationally wealthy families and individuals.

Knowlege and wisdom, and the application of these is what these generationally wealthy families and individuals focus on. Philip Judge is accustomed to working with generationally wealthy families and individuals. The wealthy do certain things in a certain way. They are focussed on long-term wealth creation.

Younique Wealth Systems' distributors and customers stand to benefit from Philip's immense knowledge and experience.

Learn more about Philip Judge and the knowledge and wisdom shared in the Younique Gold Tribe.

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