What is PhenQ?

This is an all-natural, safe diet pill that came on the market just a few years ago. It has since become one of the most popular weight loss products as it produces the same kind of results as the banned substance ‘Phentermine’ without the associated dangers and potential side effects (there are no known side effects with this product – it is also 100% legal).

What are the benefits of PhenQ?

The main benefits of this product are as follows:

  • Increased ability to burn fat in the body
  • Increased metabolism (less fat stored in the body)
  • Appetite suppression – you don’t feel as hungry, so therefore your calorie intake is lower

The official site claims following this program will help you burn 3-5lbs of fat per week which is a significant amount. Is it really possible to lose this much weight every week? Let’s take a closer look at the product.

PhenQ Does It Work?

Each of PhenQ ingredients have been tested and are proven to provide results such as increasing thermogenic burn in the body, reducing hunger, increasing fat mobilization and more. Without wanting to get into the science side of things (you can easily research these ingredients on Google yourself) basically this is a powerful combination of ingredients, and one which is proven to provide real results when it comes to weight loss. When combined with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, it is quite conceivable that you could lose 3-5lbs weekly as advertised.

For more information on how the product actually works we recommend you visit the official website where it explains exactly what these ingredients are and what they do.


  • Uses quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and pills are manufactured in an FDA approved facility.
  • It is completely natural and safe – no side effects at all.
  • The ultimate ‘pro’ – according to user reviews, this product actually works as advertised (unlike many other similar diet pills).


  • You can’t buy this product in stores – it is only available to purchase online.
  • This is no ‘magic pill’. If you want PhenQ to work as fast as possible, you have to put in the effort and follow the diet and exercise program as well as taking the dietary supplement.

PhenQ Customer Reviews

The best place to find real reviews of PhenQ is on weight loss forums, discussion boards, answer sites etc. (try Google and see what you can find). There are a lot of websites and blogs also reviewing the product online. We read a large number of these reviews before writing our review and we found the feedback to be largely positive. If you want to read some testimonials, and see some before and after pictures just visit this link.

Does it work for everyone?

Because this is a full weight loss program (it’s not just a pill – there is a diet and exercise program too), we have no doubt that if you follow it you’ll lose weight. Using the diet pill alone you’ll still lose weight, but you’ll lose it quicker if you eat healthily and do some exercise too. How much weight you do lose will vary depending on the person – usually the more overweight you are, the more you will lose, particularly in the first week or two. After the initial drop you can expect to lose a healthy 3-5lbs a week after that.

Our verdict

There are so many diet pills online it can be difficult to find one that really works. However after researching many similar products, we’ve found that this is definitely one of the best. It is a real solution to achieving rapid weight loss – it burns fat quicker in the body, increases metabolism, and best of all it suppresses your appetite making it much easier to eat healthily. With summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to get started.

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