Efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price or Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda for Lingkar Merah. Honda used this slogan in their online campaigns through SEO Competition to introduce the technology of Honda motorcycles are famous for efficient injection at the best price among its competitors. Precisely for that purpose, In addition to introducing the technology of Honda motorcycles are famous for efficient injection at the best price, of course, to win the SEO Competition Honda's PGM-FI. Not bad, Honda Beat prize is a bike that was my dream. Hehehe

Although the main purpose I created this blog is to win the SEO Competition "Efficient Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price", I tried to remain objective in writing about the injection of Honda motorcycles on this blog. But any objective, as objective as possible, I will probably remain somewhat subjective. LHA how ya again, lha wong my family and I have faithfully handed down as a user of Honda motorcycles. Hehehe

Honda Motorcycles in Indonesia First Injection

There is no doubt, Honda is the pioneer in Indonesia motorcycle injection. When the other motorcycle manufacturers are racing to sell fast running motorcycle, Honda better understand the needs of the majority of motorcycle users in Indonesia, namely the need for motorcycle fuel economy with the best prices, affordable by the majority of the people of Indonesia. Motorcycle Honda introduced the first injection for the Indonesian market is Honda Supra X PGM-FI with a capacity of 125cc machines. Motorcycle market in Indonesia is dominated by motorcycle. So make the right choice when Honda introduced its first motorcycle in the classroom duck injection. Moreover, injection motorcycle brings big name Honda Supra X 125 which had already plugged the image as the most economical bike in the minds of consumers Indonesia. Honda Supra X 125 is already proven as the most economical motorcycle to record the fuel consumption of 83.66 km / liter of gasoline. This means bikers Honda Supra X 125 can travel from Jakarta to Bandung just less than two liters of petrol!

Honda Supra X 125 image as an efficient motorcycle was followed by Honda's PGM-FI Supra X motorcycle injection which is the first in Indonesia. The presence of injection technology in the Supra X motorcycle Honda PGM-FI is of course added fuel efficient Honda Supra X 125 which is known for his economy. Research shows, motorcycle fuel injection is more efficient compared to 5-17 percent of non-injection motorcycle. When last we know record fuel consumption Honda Supra X 125 is 83.66 km / liter, then we can calculate the fuel consumption Honda Supra X PGM-FI is 87.84 - 97.88 km / liter of gasoline! It really economical? :)

Why Motorcycles Injection More Efficient Than Non Injection Motorcycles (Carburetors)?

These questions sometimes arise in the minds of potential customers who are considering to buy a motorcycle injection. This is the answer to why the bike is more efficient than the injection of non-injection motorcycles still use carburetors alias.

Motorcycles can be economical because the injection of fuel and oxygen supply to the engine combustion chamber using an electronic control that is clearly more precise than a mechanical carburetor system that relies on the pull wire from the gas hand. Something like a digital watch that is more precise than a mechanical watch is. Injection system to minimize wastage of fuel due to supply only fuel the engine needs only, while non-injection motors continue to supply fuel for the gas lever is rotated while the machine does not need a supply of fuel.

Motorcycle fuel injection is of course very useful for those who use the bike with the mileage pretty much every day, for example you house on the outskirts of Jakarta to the place you work downtown.

Injection rates Kan Expensive Motorcycle?

The reason that is often raised by prospective buyers when offered the motorcycle injection. It used to be true, when the injection of new motorcycles were introduced in Indonesia. Total production is still less of course affect the selling price of the motorcycle injection. But starting in 2012, the price of the motorcycle injection would certainly be much more affordable. AHM as the holder of a motorcycle brand of Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda in Indonesia to ensure that the difference between the selling price of a motorcycle motorcycle injection with non-injection only Rp. 250 thousand! Well lo, interesting right? :) You can be sure when Honda motorcycles already launched its latest injection in 2012 was more expensive that cost only Rp. 250 thousand consumers will prefer to buy a motorcycle motorcycle injection than non-injection.
Injection of Motorcycle Maintenance Kan Difficult?

This reasoning is also often arise from potential customers who are offered a motorcycle injection. Really tough injection motorcycle maintenance? Now try to see how bad you treat the bike you have now. Is it hard? Or you are used to carry your bike for regular servicing every several thousand miles? If you are having difficulty caring for your current bike, chances are you will also have difficulty caring for any motorcycle. Conversely, if you do not have difficulty in caring for your current bike, chances are you will not have difficulty in motorcycle maintenance injection. Give us your injection motorcycle to the nearest Honda repair shop every 4000 miles, you already know right :)

Efficient injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price!

Once we know that the injection is efficient motorcycles and motorcycle injection rates in 2012 will be very cheap, the question now motorcycle injection what is most efficient at the best price? Various economical motorcycle race proved that the most efficient injection motorcycle always won by the Honda. After I compared the prices of various injection motorcycle in Indonesia, the best price motorcycle injection is spacy Honda motorcycle helmet injection PGM-FI Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda.

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