Gentle rain fell, as Scooter, my Italian Greyhound, stood shivering and whining outside the dog door. He wanted to come back into the warmth of the house, but was afraid of what might lurk within. The two cats had him well trained. Nadia regularly took it upon herself to be sergeant of arms, and when the dog went outside for his potty break, she would also saunter out, making sure he was aware of the vigorous and thorough sharpening of her claws on the bottom step. Then she would take up guard duty at the top step, in front of the dog door or for a little variety, just inside the dog door.

Today, however, she was sleeping on the massage table. As I watch him whining and pawing at the door, causing the magnets to click, I felt a moment of frustration. Why couldn’t he just come through the door? Silly dog! This went on for several minutes. Eventually the noise summoned Nadia from her slumber, and she took position a few feet away from the dog door, curiously waiting. Now his worst fear had realized.

An inspiration hit me. I’ve acted like the dog. I whined in misery, and wanted someone to rescue me, make it easy for me to step through the doorway into something new that I wanted to do. And, like the dog, I perceived danger in taking that adventurous action, and if I fretted long enough, the danger would become real. I decided to become bold, stepping into the new ventures I wanted and see how the dog responded. Interestingly enough, as I worked on this concept within myself, I noticed that the dog would go out to potty and come back in, all by himself! I began to wonder just how much influence we have on the behaviors of our animals. How could we utilize their behaviors to show us about ourselves?

This began the birthing of a program that uses our closest friends, our pets, to show us about ourselves and our behaviors. As I became more aware of how my dog was reflecting my behaviors, and where my words and actions were out of alignment, I gained more and more respect for the wonderful guides and teachers I have living with me, that are so willing and helpful in showing me where my energy is going and what happens when I change my attitudes and actions. Dogs seem to be much more responsive to expressing energetic shifts than cats. Cats have different messages for us.

I have studied energy, bio energetic medicine and Law of Attraction for years. It was finally sinking in that everything I experienced was a reflection of my dominant thoughts or vibration. I was aware that different experiences contained gifts, sometimes well wrapped and hidden from view, that helped me learn to take more and more charge of my life. As I became more conscious of my thoughts, I started directing my attention and focus on positive outcomes, gratitude and seeking out the blessing in everything. I turned my primary relationship totally around- from deep unrest, unhappiness and conflict to peace, harmony, understanding and genuine love. As I practiced finding the positive, the comfort and satisfaction in my life increased exponentially. I have cash flow, a loving and harmonious relationship. I am doing work that I enjoy and pleases me. I am more confident and clear about who I am and what I can do. I am touching people’s lives, conveying hope that our planet will survive 2012 and optimism that we are OK in this economy. Now I have stumbled, with the help of my Iggy, into a new and provocative way for people to gain mastery over their lives, their health, manage stress, and satisfy their desires for love and companionship, with positive and loving support from their furry friends. This is the perfect marriage between my desire to show people how to live a magically empowered life and my life-long respect and love for animals. It all finally made sense!

This work is not for the feeble at heart. Utilizing your pet as your self-mastery agent will take you on a deep, winding journey through places that reflect to you your inner wonders, and your deepest fears. It takes an open mind to take your dog or cat or other animal friend out of the role of soul-less animal, companion, or meal, to grasp and use the concept of your pets as reflections of your personality, your behaviors, your dominant energies and what is hidden or unexpressed in your life.

Take a look at your animal friend today. What is he or she showing you about yourself? I'd love your feedback.

This is the first is a series of articles on my program Pets: Agents for Self-Mastery. Tune in for the next installment.

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